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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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The Clocktower, New Gotham, Saturday
Dinah had actually bought some pretty nice presents for Priestly's birthday, and had found a good place to get a cake (the guy shouldn't have to make one on his own birthday (unless he really wanted to)). It was going to be a pretty cool day--

--but Dinah was not in residence. Instead, Elizabeth Tudor, Queen of England, France and Ireland, Defender of the Faith, etc. (circa 1558), was stopping by.

Currently she was looking out the glass windows of the Clocktower in amazement, a little fear, and a great deal of bewilderment.

Which would probably shortly become 'really pissed off' as soon as she had someone to talk to.

[Open for visits and phone calls! Dinah is now Queen Elizabeth I, based on Rachel Skarsten's appearances on Reign.]

[OOC: How sad am I that "Francis" is nowhere near New Gotham and doesn't know Dinah? VERY SAD.]

[ooc: Oh man, ME TOO. It would be awesome and snark-filled!]

[ooc: There is always the random touching of numbers on 'this loud obnoxious musical contrivance'...]

And Priestly, having woken up as Priestly, as he usually did, had no idea what was coming as he headed for the Clocktower.

"Diiiiinah!" he called, knocking on the door. "Can I come in without spoiling any surprises?"

No. No he couldn't.

Elizabeth startled, then turned to glare at the door. Maybe this interloper had some answers for her.

"Enter!" She paused, and added, "If you have any weapons, it is a capital crime to wear them in our presence."

"Nope, no weapons," Priestly promised, not sure if this was a joke or if Fandom was rearing its ugly head. "Did you give Helena that warning, too? Or is she part of the 'our'?"

"Who is Helena?" Elizabeth demanded, turning fully away from the window to stalk closer to the door. "We are alone here, and very much in need of answers, sir. Enter! And explain yourself and this place!"

Yeah, someone was having a royal snit-fit.

"Yep, this is a Fandom thing," Priestly muttered, and opened the door, peering cautiously in. "Dayamn. That is -- a lot of look."

Why aren't you bowing, peasant? And what are you wearing?

"Identify yourself." Elizabeth might have been the 16th century version of freaked out, but she was a Queen, and she'd faced worse than one man alone in... okay, she had no idea where she was, so maybe this wasn't worse. She stalked closer instead of further away though, proving she and Dinah had that in common when responding to perceived danger. "What is this... place?" She stood a little taller, which with that hair, was something else. She was studying Priestly like he was a very confusing bug she wanted to crush but wasn't sure where to start.

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There was a loud and possibly incredibly bouncy and cheery ringtone being played from somewhere in the Clocktower.

Hopefully someone would answer it before Momoko decided to worry.

Elizabeth flinched, then paused, wondering at the sound of music in the air. She followed the repeated sing-song tune to a small device. Then stared at it a moment. It rang again. "Stop," she said experimentally, and poked at it. "Cease and desist your noise, contraption!"

Excuse you! This phone was FREE, thank you.

Okay, maybe it was actually servant to a master, but it wasn't voice activated, so nyaaaaaah!

Oops. I mean, *Ringtone*

Oh this was priceless. "Touch your finger on the green circle," Priestly suggested. "Then hold it to your head. It'll tell you secrets."

He really shouldn't tease the unhappy queen.

She was onto you, Priestly. Although she was also curious enough to push the button to see what happened. Nothing. Ha!

Then she held it to her head. "Tell me secrets," Elizabeth commanded. "And if you don't, I shall be scolding Sir Priestly harshly."

"..." Momoko pulled the phone away and stared at it. Was this some sort of birthday game? "Uhm. I once dyed my hair black thinking it would get me a boyfriend and ended up getting suspended from school?"

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