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New Gotham
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Thursday night, New Gotham
A Thursday night, complete with two carjackings, a break-in at a security place, and a gang fight broken up.

Canary and Nightwing, hanging (out) on the edge of the skyscraper.

"...I'm asking Babs to marry me tomorrow."

Dinah didn't turn her head, but she did side-eye Dick through her mask. "Really? I mean. For sure, this time?Unlike the last three times?"

"Shuddup." Dick aimed a side-kick at her that Dinah easily avoided. "Yes. Is it my fault we got interrupted by Harvey, and then the bratva? No."

"And the other time?"

He coughed. "The moment wasn't right."

Dinah snorted. "I'll take your word for it." She paused, drumming her fingers on her knees. "Good luck?"

"Don't sound so excited."

"I'll be excited when you actually get the words out to her," she told Dick. "Then I'll be throwing a huuuuge party and telling everyone I know." She paused and added, "...especially if you guys settle on a date within a month of getting engaged."

"Is that a dare?" Dick asked. "Are you daring me to set a wedding date, Canary?"

Dinah hummed, and pulled out her zipline. "Oh look. Our target is on the move."

"This conversation is not over!" Dick called after her, as she jumped off the building.

The next chance she had, Dinah texted Helena: Hold all bets, Dick's making his move. Again. We may have a winner in the pool by Saturday!

[ooc: if you think you got this text, you probably did. ]

Momoko got a copy and had to take a moment to make sure it wasn't a drunk-text.

"OH!" awwww.

Awwwwwwww!!! 1010101010 17 Now long have they been together?

She leaned around to holler into Jaime's room. "Hey Jaime!! Dinah says she thinks Ms Barbara's boyfriend is going to propose! Think I should tell Oracle?"

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Off and on for ... wow, I don't know, a decade at least? This time, though, two years without a break-up.

"Are you texting about me?"

"Let go of the ego, Nightwing. Why would I do that?"

off and on? should they get married if they can't stay together? Say hello to Momoko's personal fear.

Though they are totally cute together.

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They're not the same people they were ten years ago. Thank God. Dick had had a tendency to brood back then, according to Helena.

And it was partly the distance; now that Dick's back in NG, not Bludhaven, it's easier on them both

Another distance relationship thing.

Momoko really didn't get why that was a problem. Other than not having the person there when you wanted them. But at least if you were still a couple you didn't feel as alone.

Have I been to Bludhaven? It sounds creepy! Really ten years?!?

On you? Raven texted back, a little puzzled.

Then, randomly, Do they sell children's Halloween costumes of you in New Gotham?

No reason.

What? No! ahahah

On Barbara, he swears he's going to propose

Maybe?.... okay, yes. THey're not very accurate, but yes. Why?

Oh! Well I hope it works out for them!

I am bringing some of the children to Fandom to experience Halloween, and they will of course need costumes! :-)

Ahhhh! Okay that is AWESOME

Wee tiny Batmen and tiny mes!

-- Dick kept getting interrupted before. Let's hope nothing attacks and makes him lose his nerve again

How many kids? Now I'm thinking I need to visit there on Saturday....

As many as I think I am able to keep an eye on, Raven texted back. She was fully prepared to teleport them all off the island immediately if anything bad began to happen.

She sent Dinah a picture. I already have one request for a Queen Karla costume.

That is ridiculously adorable, holy cow-- oh! Oh! Even if you don't take Kayla with you, someone needs to dress her as an angel and take a picture!

Do you need help with the kidlets?

I would happily welcome help. I do not want to return to Glacia and have to tell Karla that I have lost one of the children!

Just text me the time and location, and I'll be there. In my costume. IT would be hilarious if she could get a photo with a few mini-Canaries. We should go for ice cream afterward, catch up. Always assuming I don't need to ask you for help in New Gotham that night.

(I really hope Scarecrow stays in Arkham)

Raven frowned at the phone. He had better. She was willing it with the power of her mind now.

I will let you know when we plan to arrive in Fandom. Sometime Saturday afternoon, I expect. But I must decide what I am to wear as well.

And ice cream would be delightful.

I'll believe it when it happens. He's slower than I am.

Nobody is slower than you two turtles. Nobody!

Dick and Babs are! It's not even close!

Dude, if you tell me you've done more than kiss Momoko, then you get to mock them. Until then, you two are the slooooooowest.

And it's sweeeet!


How much more than kiss counts?

That would be Jaime's phone ringing, so Dinah could squeak at him in person.


"What?" Jaime said, flushing and half-regretting that message already. "We have rules, but they don't prevent us from doing everything."

Dinah's cackling was gleeful and unmerciful. "Really? Really really? I am so glad to hear this! FINALLY, YOU TURTLES!"

"Finally what?" Jaime asked, sighing. "I mean, we do have rules, you know."

"Should I be asking?" Dinah wondered aloud. "Is that an invasion of privacy? Or creepy? Or do you want to tell me anyway that you both keep your clothes on or something similar to that?"

Even more snickering.

"I have said all I'm going to say on the matter." Good thing this was a phone conversation and she couldn't see how red Jaime's face was.

"If you want to know more, you can try prying it out of Momoko."

"OHhh, I will be. Girl's been holding out on me," Dinah said with an almost audible pout. "But you are .... dismissed," she said loftily. "Your testimony is sufficient, Mr. Tortoise. Who should not mock my sister and her on-again-off-again soulmate."

"Hey, if someone's slower than me, that's notable. I'll mock them all I want." So nya.