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Thursday, New Gotham, the Clocktower
The hospital had released Priestly on Tuesday, and after some discussion, wound up at the Clocktower, where Alfred was happy to make meals and check on meds, and Dinah was happy to distract him.

Barbara didn't mind, and Helena was having a good time following the #SentienceSaves tweets and showing them to Priestly.

And Dinah had just gotten her results from last week's P.I. Licensing exam.

[ooc: for Priestly, and anyone who wants to drop in, call, text, or Skype. :> ]

Priestly was attempting to train Stevesie to fetch. It wasn't going well.

"No, Stevesie. You're supposed to bring it here, not sit over there and gnaw on it!"

Dinah was hooting in amusement, leaning over the couch laughing at the red panda and the patient.

"But clearly it's a gift! You gave it to him! Are you doing take-backs, Priestly?"

"But now it's all red-panda-slobbery!" Priestly said. "Just be glad I didn't try with the remote, yet. Eventually, I'm hoping I can get him to bring me things so Alfred doesn't have to."

Dinah watched Stevesie gnaw for a moment, then gave Priestly a deadpan look. "I think your leg is going to be healed up before he learns this."

"Stupid stubborn red panda," Priestly grumbled.

At least it was taking his mind off of the conservative media machine's take on his in-drag heroism.

Dinah hopped over the couch-- momentarily thinking it was mean to do that in front of Priestly, but then realizing if she quit hopping and leaping and jumping for six weeks, Priestly would think she'd lost her mind -- and settled in next to him. "Maybe if we do trades. Food for whatever you throw so he can bring stuff back." She considered. "He's never going to bring you food without eating it first, though, you know." She leaned into him. "Did you see the latest tweets?"

"Were they more about how I'm single-handedly ruining America?" Priestly asked morosely. Even a guy like him got bogged down when there was that much grossness aimed at him.

"Ugh. No." Dinah pouted at him, then held up her phone. "Lookit."

@NGDope And how many people have you saved lately? #SentienceSaves #HatersToTheRight

"Huh," Priestly said. "That's pretty cool. But now I have a mental image of gross people running around trying to aggressively 'save' people. Which they kind of already do."

Dinah snickered, then brightened, and started typing away very fast. "What do you want to say to your public?"

Oh good, put him on the spot. ". . . My leg hurts?" He groaned softly. "I don't know. I've been trying to come up with pithy comebacks all day and all I've got is 'Congratulations! You're fundamentally lacking in human decency!' Which I suppose it at least tweet-length."

And not a 20 minute rant, which is the other thing he'd come up with.

Dinah stopped to send her own tweets first.

crimeseen: Thanks to @NGDope for the recognition of a hero
crimeseen: To everyone who cares, he's okay, but his leg hurts

crimeseen: So the rest of you don't want him to push you out of the way of an oncoming car?

crimeseen: Good to know!

She gave him a kiss on the cheek. "More people are being way cool about this than you think. It's just the jerks who are all stupid about the dress."

crimeseen: Everybody else, he congratulates you on your

"Hey, if I congratulate them on being cowards for you, is that okay?

"Yeah, but the mean ones are louder." Priestly craned his neck to try and peer at her phone and what she was tweeting. "I believe I said 'fundamental lack of human decency', not cowardice. There's a difference."

Dinah typed out 'fundamental lack of human decency' and sent it.

"Mean and loud usually do go together," she admitted, looking regretful. "Some of them at least are all about the vigilantism, which, they're just dumb. You were being a Good Samaritan, and that's even covered by a specific law in New Jersey. I hope you're not letting it get to you." Well, clearly it had. "Too much."

"I know," Priestly whined. "It's so dumb, but they just pile it on! Next I'm going to hear I'm being boycotted from the entire country of Russia for being propaganda, or something."

Because boycotting people who weren't selling things was totally a thing that not just people, but entire countries could do.

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