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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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A tent on the beach, Monday morning
So, Dinah and Priestly had decided to camp out on the beach Sunday night. The weather was warm enough, they'd gotten a tent and a double sleeping-bag in town, and a cooler full of drinks and snacks. It had been really, really nice.

And as the Monday morning tide rolled in, Dinah turned over with a sigh, to find her hair no longer chin-length, the sunlight in her eyes, and herself no longer married to the guy sharing the sleeping bag. She really ought to be used to this by now, and yet somehow....

Cue awkward morning conversation, take-- crap, what were they on now, take six? Argh.

[ooc: for the BFF.]

"I'm definitely going to end up married to Angelina Jolie. Any weekend, now."

"I can see that happening," Dinah said judiciously. "You know, in the world where you become a celebrity chef again."

"Nah, see, I got it all figured out. She comes in to volunteer at the soup kitchen I'm working at. She's all about the community outreach, you know."

Dinah coughed to hide a laugh. "Does this mean I get Brad Pitt?"

"I suppose it would only be fair."

"This divorce thing is really working out for us!"

"Of course it is. We make an excellent team."

Even more giggling, and Dinah kinda felt like dozing off. Relief and comfortableness making her relaxed, and hey. They'd been up late.

"We do. We should always get divorced together." She yawned and slid further down in the sleeping bag.

Priestly wasn't really sleepy anymore, but he wasn't about to disturb Dinah when she looked that relaxed. "We should tell Karla that when she asks about us being married. 'Well, we were, but we worked out that we work way better as divorcees.'"

"'Karla, we're happy being divorced, why can't you be happy for us?'"

Karla was so going to throw something at them if they tried that line.

"I'mma take a nap. Unless the tide's coming in."

"I think we're far enough up the beach," Priestly said. "Go ahead and catch some Zs."

"You're my favorite." Dinah scooted down so the sun wasn't going to hit her face. "Favorite ex-husband ever."