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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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A tent on the beach, Monday morning
So, Dinah and Priestly had decided to camp out on the beach Sunday night. The weather was warm enough, they'd gotten a tent and a double sleeping-bag in town, and a cooler full of drinks and snacks. It had been really, really nice.

And as the Monday morning tide rolled in, Dinah turned over with a sigh, to find her hair no longer chin-length, the sunlight in her eyes, and herself no longer married to the guy sharing the sleeping bag. She really ought to be used to this by now, and yet somehow....

Cue awkward morning conversation, take-- crap, what were they on now, take six? Argh.

[ooc: for the BFF.]

Dinah flopped back onto the sleeping bag, giggling uncontrollably. "This is how ex-married-people sound? Judges should get hazard pay." More snickering. "I wonder how they-we-them got together?" Not looking at him. No Awkward. Just... weirdly curious.

"Maybe one of Karla's 'lock them in a closet' plots actually worked."

Dinah snorted, then laughed again. "Oh my god I am so glad she wasn't here this weekend. Can you imagine?"

"The shrieking," Priestly said. "You know she'll hear about it and never let us hear the end of it."

"NNngh." Dinah double-face-palmed. "And Momoko was here, and Jaime, so..." Yeah, that was inevitable.

"We can hide?" Right? Right? That would work, yes?

"Change our names. Live life on the run. I don't think Stevesie would take to it."

"Darnit." Dinah sighed, and closed her eyes. Then grinned without opening them. "We'll just have to tell them we're divorced now. 'Til death do us part." Or something.

And look, if there were... a recurrence of feelings in there, that was not their business. That was between Dinah and her new sleeping bag, thanks.

"That's gotta be awkward for Fandom couples. Like, how do you determine which death? 'Well, we WERE married, but then I died while we thought we were diamond mine moguls so now it doesn't count.'"

Dinah opened one eye to stare at him. "Are you saying we're still married?" She grinned and settled into the sleeping bag further. "Although, as ways to get *out* of a marriage go, that one's pretty good. 'You died. Doesn't count any more. I'm going to Aruba.'"

"I am saying nothing of the sort." He wasn't done teasing her about being his ex-wife yet, for one. "I'm just pondering hypotheticals."

"Mmph. I'm trying to remember who else I married..." She paused and added, "Does that make some people bigamists?"

Right now, the only people she could remember marrying in other timelines were gone, gone, and never gonna happen.

"Or wondering who else you might marry?"

"Well, I know it ain't Oliver Queen." Nyaaaah. Dinah stuck out her tongue. "How about you?"

"I'm definitely going to end up married to Angelina Jolie. Any weekend, now."

"I can see that happening," Dinah said judiciously. "You know, in the world where you become a celebrity chef again."

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