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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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A tent on the beach, Monday morning
So, Dinah and Priestly had decided to camp out on the beach Sunday night. The weather was warm enough, they'd gotten a tent and a double sleeping-bag in town, and a cooler full of drinks and snacks. It had been really, really nice.

And as the Monday morning tide rolled in, Dinah turned over with a sigh, to find her hair no longer chin-length, the sunlight in her eyes, and herself no longer married to the guy sharing the sleeping bag. She really ought to be used to this by now, and yet somehow....

Cue awkward morning conversation, take-- crap, what were they on now, take six? Argh.

[ooc: for the BFF.]

"Showing up in downtown New Gotham without warning, and vanishing like ninjas back into the night." Dinah yawned, then grinned. "I would be a better city dictator than some of the ones who've tried it."

"You totally would. Though then you'd be getting into supervillain territory and I'd have to object to you on principle."

Dinah gave him a sad face. "I thought you were going to get arrested with me. The honeymoon really is over, isn't it?"

"Awww, I'll totally still get arrested with you," Priestly promised. "After I dismantle your dictatorship from within."

"Enh. Fair enough." Dinah lay back on her pillow and stared up at the ceiling of the tent, realizing she didn't even care that they were both naked, still. "As futures go, that one was very non-freak-out-inducing."

"It really was. Do you suppose Fandom's given up on messing with us?"

Dinah gave him a Look. "I wouldn't go that far... but maybe it's given up on trying to mess with us like this. Or she thought it owed us one after last year." Pronouns, so messy when talking about Fandom.

Well, it was difficult to properly gender a sentient land mass. It wasn't like they could ask Fandom what zie preferred.

"Fandom owes us several for last year," Priestly agreed.

"Mmmm." Dinah was not about to bring the Awkward back. Or maybe it had gone off to hide from them? "Also, way better than waking up with Warren that one time, because that was freak-inducing on multiple levels." She TK'd open the cooler and floated a water bottle to herself. Then a little bag of dried blueberries. "Breakfast of champions."

"Hey, you're going to share some of that with your non-powered ex-husband, right?"

What? They'd been married and now they weren't. In the future.

Tenses in Fandom: also difficult.

Dinah took a slurp from the bottle and then handed it to him, stuffed a few blueberries in her mouth and held out the bag in faux-resignation.

"Does this count as community property?"

"Well, we did buy it when we were married."

"So who gets the tent?" Dinah sat up, pulling the top of the sleeping bag over her chest more for warmth than modesty. "I get the sleeping bag. It's comfy. And silk!" Mmm, blueberries.

"Well, I was going to offer joint custody, but if you're taking the sleeping bag. . . ."

"We could have supervised visits?" Dinah was trying not to giggle, and stuffing more blueberries in her mouth didn't actually help. Except to make her look like a chipmunk.

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