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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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The Reyes house, El Paso, Texas, Friday evening
The portal dropped Dinah off on a runway. (Thanks, Portalocity). But at least it got her to El Paso within six hours of when she was hoping to arrive. Heading over to the Reyes' house after that was just a matter of grabbing a cab.

Finding a cop on the doorstep talking to Jaime? Not so much with the expected.

[ooc: for weldedtomyspine but open for phone calls & texts.]

"Like I said, officer," Jaime was saying, trying to sound reasonable, but the strain in his voice was obvious, "I'm looking for her, too."

The officer did not look terribly convinced. "That right? Notice you didn't report her missing yourself."

"Hey, Jaime." Dinah gave the police officer an edged smile. "What's going on?"

"Who's this?" the policeman asked Jaime.

"Hello, I can answer that myself. Dinah Lance. From New Jersey." She mouthed what is going ON? at Jaime.

While the officer was studying Dinah curiously, Jaime winced dramatically in Dinah's direction before letting his expression go back to normal (if stressed).

"Dinah, this is Officer Rodriguez. Mrs. Wilson reported Momoko as a missing person, and he's been assigned to investigate."

"Cool!" Dinah lit up. "Awesome, actually. Do you guys have any leads? Oh hey, did you talk to Mrs. Wilson? Is Moshi okay?" She stopped herself from asking anything else after a second and added, "I'd be happy to help!"

Officer Rodriguez gave her a very dubious look. "Are you a police officer, ma'am?"

"I'm a private investigator." Almost. Close enough. Licensed next month. Details!

Rodriguez looked doubtful. "Do you have some sort of ID, ma'am?"

Ahhh ahahahahah oh damn. Dinah had just realized that forget not having the license yet, her New Gotham I.D. would look really weird in a place that still has a Gotham City. However. She did know someone. Right? Right.

"Sure," she chirped. "I'm gonna put my stuff down inside, and call my sister. Jaime, can I use your phone? My battery died."

"Um, sure. Couch is cleared for you in the den. Phone's in the hallway."

"Uh huh." Rodriguez didn't look like he believed her, but he didn't really care that much. He had more important stuff to focus on. Like questioning this suspicious young man...

Dinah grabbed the phone and yup, Oracle was in his contact list. Under "O". So original, Jaime. Better than just having ORACLE in there though, probably.

"Hey, you don't know me, I'm calling from Jaime Reyes' phone, I'm Dinah Lance from another world." Dinah was talking very fast so the message wouldn't cut her off. "I need a P.I. license sent to the Reyes' place in El Paso, and a New Jersey license, since the one I've got doesn't exist in this world, yay. Birthday, yesterday, 1982. Blond and green, well, you know the other Dinah, so, that should fit. Uh. Jaime has photos of me on this phone, I know you can find one that looks like a Driver's License photo. Uh." She paused. "I really really appreciate this, and if you could get me that stuff ASAP it might stop me being arrested.

By the way, Momoko Akatsutsumi is missing. Which is why I'm here, looking for her.

Also by the way, I think the cops suspect Jaime of having something to with it, which is ludicrous, but, well, hard to explain.

I know this is a huge imposition and for all I know you're in Shanghai or Madripoor or somewhere else, but please help a fellow crimefighter out? Please?"

Dinah paused.

"Kay thanx bye!" And hung up.

She came back out to stand next to Jaime, arms folded, watching Officer Rodriguez with bright eyes. "Actually, I totally forgot, I lost my I.D. after I got off the plane, but I talked to someone at TSA and they're gonna try to get those over to me as soon as possible."

"Right." Officer Rodriguez sounded like he didn't really believe her, but didn't much care, either. He turned back to Jaime. "Now, according to our records, you've been reported missing yourself. Twice."

"Right. Both of those involved some sort involved being sucked into some sort of other dimension."

"Same thing both times, huh?" Funny how doubtful that question sounded.

"Well it would be weirder if it was two different kinds of dimensional weirdness, wouldn't it?" Dinah put in.

"Do you think you're funny?" The officer demanded. "This is a serious investigation--"

"And that was a serious answer," Dinah snapped back. "You can check in with his family, the authorities, it's all cleared up. Why are you asking about what happened to him instead of anything about Momoko?"

"Everything I've learned so far suggests that, unless she's returned home without speaking to anyone, something unusual has occurred." Officer Rodriguez's eyes narrowed, and his attention focused on Jaime. "And her boyfriend has quite an odd history."

He looked over at Dinah. "Now, please, I would appreciate if you didn't interrupt me." The adults were talking now.

Dinah kind of wanted to rabbit-punch Officer Rodriguez, but she managed not to do that. But she did note down his badge number, believe it. She folded her arms and made a point of staring at said badge, then back to his face.

The officer sighed, then looked back at Jaime. "Can anyone account for your whereabouts on the day she disappeared?"

Dinah leaned over into Jaime for a moment, long enough to send Trick question. We don't know when that was. Also, you might want a lawyer. Want me to call one?

Jaime frowned. Don't think that'll be necessary? He hoped (probably naively.)

"Um, you know what day she disappeared?" He managed to look a little bit hopeful as he asked.

Dinah was about ready to go in and call one anyway. Just pick one off of Yelp or something.

Officer Rodriguez gave Jaime a sour look and said, "Let's assume Monday. For now."

"Monday. Let's see." He pursed his lips. "We were supposed to meet up for dinner, but she didn't show. I left a message on her phone, but figured something had come up, and that I'd see her Tuesday."

He shrugged. "As for what I was up to, I was in class, and then home to work on my final papers."

Rodriguez was jotting this down, then asking, "Does she own a car?"

"No," Dinah cut in. "She drives her landlady's -- Mrs. Wilson's -- in exchange for running errands for her." She frowned. Which was actually a good question, and one she needed to ask Mrs. Wilson, regarding if the car was still around.

Rodriguez frowned at the interruption, but wrote that down. He grilled Jaime for another ten or fifteen minutes, clearly suspicious, but without enough evidence to do anything more than that. "Thank you for your time, Mister Reyes. Don't leave town or anything, I'm sure we'll have more questions."

"Of course, sir," Jaime said, trying not to look or sound impatient.

Officer Rodriguez shout him one last hard look, then headed back to his squad car and drove away. Once he was out of sight, Jaime's shoulders slumped slightly.

Dinah patted his shoulder, and then asked, "You okay? Any progress? And next time they show up I'm calling you a lawyer if Momoko isn't back by then."

Jaime's shoulders slumped, and he let out a long sigh. "Found her phone. And Mrs. Wilson's car. Out in the middle of nowhere. No sign of her."

"What was she doing out there?" Dinah wondered. "Nowhere, where? And was there a sign of anybody or anything else?" She put an arm around his shoulders. "We're going to find her. Just remember that."

"An old ghost town near the border," Jaime answered. "And I couldn't find any signs of anyone else. Didn't have time to do a full-on scan before I needed to head back to meet you, so I'm not entirely sure if there's something less visible that might give us a hint."

"Right. Plan for tomorrow. Go back to the Ghost Town, check out stuff." Dinah grimaced. "See if we can get a lead before the police think they need to get a warrant to search the trunk of your car."

"Right. We can take my car tomorrow." Jaime took another deep breath, and let it out. He smiled up at Dinah. "I'm really, really glad you came." He hadn't realized how much it would mean before she'd showed up.

"Always, bud." Dinah gave him a one-armed hug. "She'll be okay."

Don't make a liar out of her, Momo.

Jaime managed a smile. "Yeah. Of course she will." Because he wasn't sure what he'd do if she wasn't.