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Pool cue
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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New Gotham, Thursday
So. Momoko was missing. Dinah was not panicking. Nope. Nope. That wouldn't help. She had a ticket to El Paso for Portalocity tomorrow, which was as fast as they'd get her one. She'd considered calling in Raven and asking to be taken there immediately, but she trusted Jaime to call her if he turned up anything dire before then. She was still mad that there was nothing else she could do for now.

Also, happy birthday. Twenty-three. Golden birthday. Or something.

She didn't really feel a lot like celebrating, but she was going to make the effort to distract herself until her portal left.

[ooc: open! so open!]

Yeah, like Priestly was going to let Dinah sit around and fret by herself on her birthday. Or any other day. But especially her birthday!

"Dinah Lance! All by her lonesome! This just won't do."

"Awwwww." Dinah grinned when she saw Priestly. "It's not even a milestone birthday or anything..."

"Not a milestone? You made it a whole year without dying! Trust me, that takes skill."

Dinah gave in and snickered, poking at the lime slice in her Coke. "Okay, yes, it does. One you for instance have almost mastered." She bumped her shoulder with his. "I think I'll be more celebrate-y next month, when I get the P.I. License. Right now I feel like I'm waiting, sorta."

"I'm reasonably sure I managed it this year," Priestly protested. He bumped her shoulder with his. "Hey. She's totally okay."

"Hmmm... I think you did too, come to think. What happened with Harley doesn't count as death or anything." Dinah leaned against him. "Yeah. I believe that. Mostly. It's just hard to shift gears."

Priestly nodded. "Yeah, I know. These things always have rotten timing."

"Soooo yes. Let's distract me. A game of pool, or foosball, or *something*."

"Ooo. I'm terrible at all of those," Priestly said cheerfully. "I was going to give you a surprise for your birthday. But I think maybe it should wait until after everything's settled down again."

"Why, what was it?"

"A surprise," Priestly said, eyebrow raised. "Don't worry. It'll keep."

"Meeeeean." Dinah pouted, then said, "I want cupcakes when I get back too. At that new place, down off Diversity." She grinned. "With the cute counter guy."

"Oooooooo. Cute counter guy, huh? What's he like?"

"Glasses. He blushes when I talk to him," Dinah marveled slightly. "Which, either he's the shyest guy ever or he's got blood pressure problems." She bumped him this time. "How 'bout you? Anybody new on the horizon?"

"Awwww, he thinks you're hot," Priestly said, giving her another shoulder bump. "And nah. Been mostly focusing on not flunking my first year of nutrition school."

He was not even remotely in danger of flunking out. Even with fleeing to El Paso in the middle of it.

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