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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Priestly, Tia & Mark's place, New Gotham City, Thursday
After certain hilarious phone calls yesterday, and various other stuff going on, Dinah was not about to phone her BFF to check in. So she was here in person, with snacks and amusement.

"Candy-gram!" she called out, ringing the doorbell.

[open for non-crazy phone calls, and the one mentioned.]
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"I don't know," Tia said, beating Priestly to the door by inches. "Do you sing, too?"

Priestly shouldered her aside and grinned at Dinah. "Don't mind her, she's all grumpy because she gave up sugar for Lent."

"Why would you do that?" Dinah wondered, giving her a sad look. "...and I do sing. Just usually only when drunk or compelled." She grinned and held up the gummy chicks, and then the Peeps. "I could leave some here for you guys to celebrate with on Sunday. Did you get any funny phone calls yesterday?"

"It's a social experiment," Tia said.

"Also, she's weirdly Catholic," Mark said from the couch.

"Or, you know, just Catholic."

"They've been having this conversation for nearly 40 days," Priestly said. "Please don't encourage it." Priestly pulled his phone out and double checked. "Only one I got was from you. Manboobs? Really? That cut me. Deep."

Dinah hooted. "Of course that would be the one you'd get!... and sorry," she said a little guiltily to Tia. "I'm kind of. Heathen? Heretic? One of those." She snickered at Priestly. "Wait wait, you have to listen to this other one I got. That's when I figured out what was going on."

"You don't have to apologize to me," Tia said. "I'm not one of those preachy Christians."

"Just the kind that whines about your voluntary fasting," Mark said.

"Alright, we're just gonna leave you two to your pointless bickering." Priestly grabbed for Dinah's hand to lead her back to his room. "Was it a proposition? It seems like every time one of these happens, everyone spends all their time talking about kinky sex."

"Do you ever get the feeling Tia and Mark need to make out?" Dinah wondered. "Or maybe they're not like that, they're like those old British couples who just annoy each other forever... Oh oh, here is." She cackled again, and played the message for Priestly to here. "Do you recognize his voice? Because I want to give him a hug."

Priestly shook his head. "Nope. I'm guessing from the freaking out that he hasn't been around Fandom that long."

"And then there's this one," Dinah said, flopping onto his bed, and unwrapping a peanut-butter-chocolate egg as it played. "Which I thought at first was someone threatening me? But now I'm wondering if they were trying to reassure me. Really badly."

"Okay, that one's kinda spooky," Priestly said.

"Have a Peep." Dinah turned a little thoughtful. "Yeah, I don't know, I kind of want to go to the Island to check on people? Because the man-boobs comment was from Jono, and he sounded really down. About not having any. And someone rubbing it in. Which... talk about entendres I could run with, but now I'm thinking he might need a hug."

"Jono almost always sounds like he needs a hug," Priestly said, accepting the peep and proceeding to smoosh its head down into its chest. "But it is pretty much traumatic horror season there, isn't it. Might not be a bad idea to check in."

Dinah grimaced. "Is it wrong that I'm glad we missed whatever nightmare was going on there this year?" she wondered. "I mean, if someone had asked for help, I would go, but... Last year was especially. Rough."

That was one word for it. Nom nom nom oh look, chocolate carrots.

"Part of last year was fun," Priestly said. He sometimes missed being Sheba, after all. "But, yeah, mostly it was terrible. And I'm all for skipping the terrible shit."

Dinah was thinking more of Kestrel and Rook, so gave him a sharp glance for a second. Then shook her head. "Anyway. Visiting soon. Or Glacia. I want to see how Raven is doing too, she went through this weird... thing, I didn't understand all of it, and now she has amnesia. I want to see if she's doing better."

Priestly blinked. "Oh, she meant that Raven!" Look, he and Raven had never been that close, okay? "And geeeeze, that's no good at all. Checking on her is a good idea. Plus, baby time."

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