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New Gotham
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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New Gotham, Gotham City Zoo, Sunday afternoon
Gotham City Zoo was known for its bat exhibit (of course), it's rare vulture, timber wolves, and some really large cats.

"I think Helena's mom used to come and visit them," Dinah said. "Or, you know, steal them."

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"SO PRETTY!" Momoko leaned a little more towards the exhibit to see the sleeping lion with the yawning cub. "Why would she steal lions?"

"To set them free. Or take them up to her big cat conservation place. Selena loved cats, you know. Catwoman." Dinah leaned in to watch the cub stumble over its own paws, and sit down to mew its outrage. "Helena comes here sometimes, but it's a private thing for her."

"Wow. Catwoman?" Well that took Momoko by surprise! "Sometimes I wonder what happened to the two universes that they're so different. She's still an active villain in our world."

"I think maybe..." Dinah considered. "Maybe it's that Batman and Catwoman fell in love. And she found out he was.. ahem. Who he was." Yeah, not saying the Wayne name in public. "Here at this zoo, actually. You should ask Helena about it, she tells the story better. But, yeah. If Catwoman hadn't been with him, then Helena wouldn't have been born, and Selena wouldn't have died, and... lots of things might be different."

The cheetahs were next to the lions, play-wrestling. And one of them had found a cardboard box to sit in.

"That's so totally Moshi, right there!" Momoko pointed her phone and took a picture of the big cat smooshing the box. "That can't be all of it, though. I mean, there's old!you."

"Though I am totally asking her; that sounds so romantic!"

"See, that I'm not sure about. Because maybe she's me? Or maybe she's my aunt? She's not my mom. Old-me, I mean." Dinah considered. "I should really talk to her sometime, so maybe we can figure it out."

Dinah was giggling at the cheetah too, especially when it rowred at a cub trying to get into the box with it. "It's romantic without the happy ending. But at least they had fun and Helena before that."

"Well, she's totally no good with electronics and she loves her fishnets, so I know she's not really you. And you don't really look exactly alike, but it's close." Another picture, because that cheetah batting the cub who was trying to pounce him now was just too cute.

"I totally wish there was a Ms Helena in my world; my Ms Barbara totally needs friends."

"Maybe we can give her Barbara's email address," Dinah offered. "For contact info, if nothing else..."

Dinah frowned, turning a little more sideways to look over to the left.

"As scary as that sounds, I just may do that. I totally worry about her." Another snap as the cub rolled on its back and began to play with the older cat's flicking tail.

"Awww look!" She turned to tug at Dinah's sleeve and noticed her friend's frown. "Hey, What's wrong? Is one of the cats sick?"

"I thought I saw--" Not a puddy tat. No. She was not Tweety. But--

The woman who she'd seen turned, and froze in place, before running.

"One of the escapees! Agh!" Dinah looked around and said, "I'm grabbing a security guard so they can call the P.D.!"

"One of the who?" Momoko blinked. The woman running had looked completely and utterly unfamiliar. Not that Momoko expected to recognize all of Dinah's villains but that girl had looked utterly, well, normal.

"Roaaawwwwaaarrrrrrrrrrr," came another yawn... only... it sounded a lot closer than before. Momoko turned at the sound only to see a lion padding off towards the botanical garden. "EH?! Dinah!!"

The woman known only as Jane Doe had seen Dinah Lance first-- and decided that a little payback for going to prison three years ago was in order. So she'd kept her everyday-face on-- until she could shift into a guard's form and grab his keys.

Opening a few doors along the way was child's play, really.

Somewhere, a wolf howled off to the north.

"She's a shapeshifter, if she gets out of sight she'll be someone else in minutes--" Dinah was trying to explain, and then they had much, much bigger problems.

OHhhhh boy.

And some smaller problems! For instance, the twin toddlers that had slipped their parents and were chasing a bear cub that was making its way to a snack stand.

"No no no!" Momoko pocketed her phone as she ran, not even listening to Dinah's explanation. "Not a pet! That is not a pet!"

The kids had tackled the bear in a group hug just as Momoko reached them. She was trying to get them apart when she heard the roar of an angry parent behind them... and not a human parent...

"Sonuva--" Right. Civilians first. Catching people, second.

Dinah made a TK swipe at Mama Bear, then ran to get in between her and Momoko and the kids. "Let go of baby bear, kids! Mom wants him back!"

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