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Pool cue
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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New Gotham, Valentine's Day evening
There had been plans for Valentine's Day. They weren't Important Plans, or life-changing plans, but still. Dinah had meant to be there for Leo's band playing at the Icicle Room, and then there was supposed to be dancing, and maybe who knew what afterward.

Instead, Dinah had had to leave half-way through the evening for an hour, to go track down one of the break-out escapees. It hadn't taken more than an hour and a half, but by the time she got back? Leo had found another girl to flirt with, and lean into, and... yeah.

Well, it had been fun while it lasted, and nothing more than that.

So she was texting Priestly. Call me if you're not getting lucky tonight.

[ooc: for the BFF, but open for phone calls/texts.]

The speed with which Priestly called back was probably a good indicator of just how much he wasn't getting lucky tonight.

Which, considering the last "date" he'd gone on was with a psycho killer, he was actually pretty okay with.

Dinah picked up after one ring and said, "So, not going out with Leo any more. And I have a bag of those dark chocolate Dove bites. Where are you?"

"Home," Priestly said. There'd only been so long he could get away with not showing up to class without losing credit, it turned out. "Stevesie and I are watching old comedies and critiquing the gender representation. Mark and Tia are out, so you won't have to worry about them interrupting if you wanna come rant or cry."

"Ranting, yes. Crying, not so much." Dinah jumped on the metro and grabbed a seat. "I'll be there in about fifteen. Do you have that one with all the weddings and one funeral? I love trashing that one."

"Pretty sure I can find it," Priestly said. "But you have to wait till I'm done with meta for Some Like It Hot first."

"Okay, that one's pretty fun," Dinah admitted. "I'll pick up ice cream on the way. Salted caramel?"

"Sounds good. I'll make some hot chocolate." Since it was still winter and all. "Get some mini marshmallows?"

"Will do!"

Twenty minutes later, Dinah was ringing the doorbell and calling, "I got treats for Stevesie too!"

Stevesie chattered excitedly and leaped down from the couch to try and open the door. "Good choice," Priestly called back. "He makes a great valentine!"

He picked up Stevesie and opened the door. "I'm sorry your drummer was dumb."

"Yeah, me too," Dinah grumped, and handed Priestly a bag of blueberries and one of mushrooms, then hugged him. "Thanks for inviting me over. The criminals of New Gotham thank you for distracting me."

"Let me guess, one of them's Cupid themed and runs around in a diaper."

"She is a creepy, creepy stalker," Dinah told him, getting out the Ben & Jerry's pints and starting to rummage for a spoon. "For the male superheroes, I mean. And you're never ever gonna meet her."

Priestly nodded. "So I guess you and your sisters are safe, at least. You got a photo of her, somewhere?"

"I do!... I should just bring my mugshot book by this week, shouldn't I?" Dinah still got out her phone, sticking the spoon in her mouth before showing him a photo of a redhead dressed up in an archer's costume. She handed it over as she dug in to the New York Chocolate Fudge Chunk. "Have the musicians got to the part where one of them is dating the rich guy yet?"

"The boat scene's just coming up," Priestly said. "Man, why are the crazy ones always so hot?" He shook his head. "It's a good thing that doesn't work the other way around or we would be screwed as a species."

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