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Pool cue
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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The Dark Horse, New Gotham City, Sunday evening
"Sorry, Dinah. No one new's been in here lately. No one old, in the sense of someone I would recognize and avoid like hell, either," Gibson told her as she picked up her drink. "I think the Arkham escapees are all hiding out. And you know there's tons of places they can do that."

"Especially in older Gotham," Dinah sighed into her drink. "Thanks, Gibson. I'm going to hang here for a while. See what I can pick up."

"No problem. Wish I could help."

Dinah was practicing at the pool table this evening, trying to figure out where she'd go if she was a supervillain. Well, duh, an abandoned warehouse. But there were several hundred of those in New Gotham...

Finding the latest batch of escapees could take a while.

[ooc: open for phone, text, or visits, if you're in New Gotham.]

"Grrrr." Momoko tossed a wadded up paper at the laptop screen, and fell back against her bed. After a moment, she reached for her phone and tapped out a message to Dinah.

Is dental school considered a masters degree? Asking for a friend.

You're switching majors?

Tchah, right.

They get to put letters after their name, not sure

Ha ha. Well, yes eventually but no. Looking up scholarships for Jaime. this one is for hispanics and talks about degrees but not dentists.

She looked over to her laptop again, sticking her tongue out at it.

I'm gonna make him apply for it just in case. I applied for lots I didn't get.

Tell me you're doing something not as boring.

Yes, boring. Important stuff could totally be boring!

Is he short on money? She knew Jaime's family didn't have a *lot* of money, not like Helena, but he'd never said anything about his education being hard to finance... I think that one would count, yes. Can't hurt, anyway.

Good plan!

... I'm trying to find some people.

Deet dee deeeee. NO REASON.

Do you know how much dental school costs?? Plus it's in San Antonio.

There was no, 'if he gets in' added because that was not in Momoko's mindset anywhere.

ooh! Missing persons case! Big time for PI right? Kid or adult? how long they missing?

Adults. 48 hours.



I have no idea but yay scholarships!

Right, that'll distract her.


Totally would, yep.

Arkham had a breakout, early New Year's Day. It became public knowledge on Friday.

So yeah, it's been an interesting weekend.

So far, no sign of any of them.





no sign yet! That's why.

When I have clues, will call! But. Nothing yet.

Poison Ivy was one of them. Riddler was another.

Momoko frowned at that.

Isn't Ivy supposed to be kind of good again now?

Good. Ish. But she's messed up. Creates problems.

Dinah made a few more shots at the table, then finally typed what really bugged her.

Savant escaped. And so did Harley Quinn.

Momoko rolled the names over a moment, but nope.


Texas was a weee bit away from Gotham, sorry.

Dinah froze, thinking, then typed:

The guy that broke my legs last summer.

And a very long story, for sometime when we're together with alcohol.

Oh. Oh yeah.

Momoko frowned and sat up.

Dinah are you okay?

Was she?

So far it didn't feel real. No threats yet. No crimes yet. No changes- yet.

Ask me again next week. If we go that long without someone getting hurt.

I will but I am asking now. He hurt you and now he's back on the street. Come for a visit. Ms Helena will get him.

And the other nine escapees?


No. This is going to take a while.

Maybe a visit... after Karla's baby is born. That wouldn't be a bad time.

Momoko was glaring at you, Dinah. Glaaaring.

Priorites. Once he's found you can help with the others. You don't need that. Cop talk: You are too close to this one

Dinah missed her next shot while she tried to calm down from that.

And the one after that. So it was about another ten minutes before she managed to text back.

I know. I know. I don't intend to go after him. But I can't leave him to Helena. He's obsessed with Barbara. What if he goes after her? What if he starts those stupid games again?

I have to at least cover the other stuff, if Helena has to deal with him

That had given Momoko enough time to try to search for any mention on her world's version of the name's Dinah had mentioned...

And found it odd when her search for 'Savant' found nothing. Absolutely nothing. Hmm.

She looked over as her phone buzzed Dinah's reply.

If that was what you were really thinking I would be okay with that.

"But if you had to pick him or Ivy to chase, I totally know who you'd run after," she finished that thought aloud.

Edited at 2015-01-05 04:41 am (UTC)

Momoko was... not wrong.

I promise. No doing things alone.

Because if Brian Durlin got his buddy Creote out of Blackgate, she'd wind up with broken legs again.

Metro PD is going crazy trying to find them too

Is that who you're with right now?

... Momoko thunked her head against the phone.

Sorry. Know you can take care of yourself. Just worried about you on this one. It's not a normal case all round.

Dinah would love to lie, but...

Not now. Earlier. Was eavesdropping.

Those guys need so much help.

Seriously. She usually tried to stick up for the Gotham cops, but today.. .was not that day.

Helping is fine, but let them do their jobs first. It's what they're trained for. We don't replace them, remember. We're like a bonus. Even in NG!

I know. I do know.

I promise. Being careful. But yes, visiting soon would be good.

Hug Jaime for me. Have him hug you for me

Knowing and doing, Ms Lance!

Momoko recognized that tone of voice... uh. text?

Hug Priestly and have him hug you for me. And kiss him. Lots. \o/

Momoko frowned a moment, then sent a text to Ms Barbara:

Hi! Just checking in; Dinah told me about Arkham. You okay? Am worried.

And then one to Ms Helena. Because Momoko KNEW Dinah:

Dinah told me about Arkham escapees. Savant. Should I come over or drag her away?