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New Gotham
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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New Year's Day, New Gotham City
No one broke up the Policeman's Ball. No one broke into Number One Metro Plaza. No one brought destruction down on Robinson Park.

Naturally, something worse had to happen.

In the wee small hours of Thursday morning, Arkham Asylum was sleeping.

...and by 7am, over a dozen of the high priority patients had escaped, thanks to a vine crumbling a wall, several hypnotized guards, and some chemical explosions.

Among the missing: Pamela Iseley (AKA Poison Ivy), Brian Durlin (AKA Savant), Edward Nygma (AKA the Riddler)... and Harleen Quinzelle.

AKA, Harley Quinn.

The authorities were notified. Police blocks went up. Alerts went out.

Happy New Year, New Gotham.

[ooc: establishy.]