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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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New Gotham, Saturday
"Braaaaaains," Dinah chanted at Gabby. "Huuuuuuungrrrrryyy..."

"You need more blood on your face, hold still," her roomie answered.

The accoutrements of zombification were everywhere around their apartment. As well as the canned goods needed for their entry fee.

Now all they needed was an army.

[ooc: for those going zombie-walking! threads up in a second.]

Re: And the Aftermath

"I have a very good cleaning service," Hannibal answered. He pulled one of Jono's feet up and started stripping the boot off. "I seem to be making a habit of undressing you lately, too." He gave Jono an arch look. "I should be charging a valet's wages."

Re: And the Aftermath

//I'd offer t'jus' return th'favour, but I'd likely find some way t'muck it up.//

Yeah. That couldn't possibly end well right now.

//'Preciate it, though. Really do.//

Re: And the Aftermath

With all the layers and fabrics Hannibal wore? No thank you.

"Maybe some other time. Besides, my clothes aren't in nearly the condition yours are." He was dusty, scraped, and a little bloody (not his), but it actually might be salvageable.

He swung Jono's leg up to lie on the bed and started on the other boot. "We'll get you undressed and get most of that paint off. Do you have any physical injuries?"

Re: And the Aftermath

Jono hesitated for a moment to think about that (and lord, thinking was hard) before shaking his head a little.

//Few bumps 'n scratches, maybe. 'E missed w'th'car he threw. Nothin' serious.//

Re: And the Aftermath

Hannibal nodded and set his boots aside. "Let me find that cold cream you had." Luckily, he'd been carrying most of the bags so as to avoid them being greasepainted, and he hadn't had any cars thrown at him.