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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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New Gotham, Saturday
"Braaaaaains," Dinah chanted at Gabby. "Huuuuuuungrrrrryyy..."

"You need more blood on your face, hold still," her roomie answered.

The accoutrements of zombification were everywhere around their apartment. As well as the canned goods needed for their entry fee.

Now all they needed was an army.

[ooc: for those going zombie-walking! threads up in a second.]

Re: And the Aftermath

Jono's brow furrowed a bit, but he did as he was guided to do, closing his eyes as he did so.

//I need th'spots to go away and to take the buzzing -- hear that buzzing? -- along with'm.//

There was no buzzing, Jono.

//Maybe tuck m'brain back into m'head. Feels like s'escaping.//

Re: And the Aftermath

"Quiet, dark, and rest." Hannibal couldn't tell if this were a normal migraine, or something specific to telepathy, but that much he could do. With anyone else, he'd be concerned about brain damage, but he'd seen Jono without a head and functioning perfectly well, so he doubted that was a consideration.

He looped an arm around Jono. "Can you walk?" Or he could always carry him again.

Re: And the Aftermath

Oooh, an arm. Jono was going to just lean heavily against Hannibal, then, since there was an arm there. That was what arms were for. Presumably. Jono was going to presume that was what arms were for.

//Yyyeeaa-no. Nooo bloody chance.//

He'd kept that wall of flame going for several minutes while also trying to poke around in the head of a creature with the mental complexity of a toddler coupled with the sheer stubbornness of a brick wall. He'd been trying to overwrite instinct, which would have been difficult enough without throwing flame from his chest at the same time.

Re: And the Aftermath

Hannibal nodded, pulled out his phone, and texted Dinah and Momoko: Thank you for your hospitality. Jono is ..."dead on his feet" occurred to him, but they might take that the wrong way... exhausted; I will bring him home to rest.

That out of the way, he called Portalocity and began politely but firmly bullying them into moving their scheduled portal up to now.

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Re: And the Aftermath

Jono sat there quietly while Hannibal texted, and then again for the phone call, occasionally moving the gauze from his face to see if the bleeding had stopped.

He still wasn't completely certain just how he had so much blood in him. Jeeze.

//Portal's coming sooner...?//

Look! He wasn't completely deaf! Only mostly.

Re: And the Aftermath

After a minute longer, Hannibal hung up. "Two minutes." He took another look at Jono's nose and tilted him forward a bit. "We'll get you into a warm bed in a quiet, dark room."

Re: And the Aftermath

Oop, leaning forward now. Jono could handle that, too. Hello, forward.

//Sounds heavenly,// he muttered, slouching forward a little extra. Forward was good. He'd just sort of curl into himself and wouldn't that be fun? //I c'n just curl up and not... anything... for a while...//

And then there was a flicker of amusement from him.

//'M so worn out, at least I won't have t'worry about overhearing any panicking ladies.//

Re: And the Aftermath

Hannibal smiled. "Hopefully they won't be panicking anymore by now. Have you spent any time as a woman?" he asked, more to keep Jono conscious than anything."

Re: And the Aftermath

Jono nodded a little.

//Twice, back when I was... all... large. N'blue. Bit jarring, going from that broad bloody frame to... 'bout my size now. Made it look good? Ish. Still blue, though.//

He took issue with the blue thing.

//Funny, island's never bothered when I'm like... this.//

Re: And the Aftermath

"Maybe it isn't certain what to do with you. Or maybe you intimidate it." Hannibal grinned.

Re: And the Aftermath

//Might raze it to th'ground if I wake up a woman?// Jono allowed himself a moment to actually look amused at that. //Maybe it jus' doesn'think it'd be worth it, if s'nowhere t'put a pair'f breasts...//

Look, he'd had a few years to wonder why he hadn't been afflicted with a sudden case of the 'girl' over the years. Not that he'd been complaining about it, but after a few of them, a guy needed to ask questions.

Re: And the Aftermath

"Maybe it's uncertain how to make the rest of you work." Hannibal smirked. "And maybe -" He was interrupted. "Maybe that is our portal." He stood, carefully but efficiently picking Jono up with him. "You seem to be making a habit of this."

Re: And the Aftermath

//Maybe missed m'true calling as a swooning damsel,// Jono joked, though the delivery was more than a little weak and there wasn't much humour in it. //Could've walked last time, though. Maybe you jus'like carryin' me.//

If anyone thought it looked as though Jono was curling up against Hannibal's chest there, Jono would be quite happy to point out that it was probably easier to carry him that way.

Re: And the Aftermath

Definitely easier; it helped to balance him.

"You could have; I didn't think you wanted to." Hannibal grinned. "Or maybe I enjoy the novelty of carrying you around; it's bound to wear off sooner or later."

Re: And the Aftermath

//Well, y'let me know once it does, 'n I'll work on not needing t'be carried so often,// Jono replied. //'N in th'meantime... thanks.//

Between Hannibal and Momoko, Jono was going to develop a complex. Some kind of 'safe and warm' cuddly complex that flared up whenever he was emotionally overwhelmed or couldn't stand on his own two feet.

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