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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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New Gotham, Saturday
"Braaaaaains," Dinah chanted at Gabby. "Huuuuuuungrrrrryyy..."

"You need more blood on your face, hold still," her roomie answered.

The accoutrements of zombification were everywhere around their apartment. As well as the canned goods needed for their entry fee.

Now all they needed was an army.

[ooc: for those going zombie-walking! threads up in a second.]

//I remember,// Jono promised. //You're one of the few people I know I can call on. You've always come running, luv.//

Hell, she'd been one of the main reasons why he hadn't lost his mind in the Healers' tents in Yllestad. And again when she'd carried him from the infirmary, out from under Scott's nose.

//Friends and teammates. Cross my heart.//

He was even drawing a little X with one finger over the place where his heart used to be.

Xes didn't cut it, Jono.

Momoko walked up to him and held up a pinky finger, eyebrow raised expectantly.

Ah, the ever-so-solemn pinky swear. Jono blinked at the offered finger, and then shrugged his shoulders, shaking his head in amusement.

//Of course, Sunshine,// he murmured, hooking his finger around hers. //Friends and teammates.//

Since Momoko was promising to eat a thousand needles and get her finger chopped off if s/he broke the promise? Totally solemn!

"Thank you!!" Not so solemn was the hug that Momoko gave him as their fingers connected. "And I am so happy for you! Really," he whispered into Jono's ear. "Even though it doesn't matter to the rest of us, I know how much you miss talking."

//Thank you,// Jono replied, keeping his voice between the two of them as he returned that hug. //It's not much, not really, but... it means a lot to be able to hear people's voices again, when I'm away, or when they're far.//

Phoning them in order to have a one-sided conversation was always... kind of ridiculous, was the thing.