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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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New Gotham, Saturday
"Braaaaaains," Dinah chanted at Gabby. "Huuuuuuungrrrrryyy..."

"You need more blood on your face, hold still," her roomie answered.

The accoutrements of zombification were everywhere around their apartment. As well as the canned goods needed for their entry fee.

Now all they needed was an army.

[ooc: for those going zombie-walking! threads up in a second.]

Re: Wuh-Oh.

//That's right, mate. Go there. Smash there. The cricket's there, waiting for you.//

Blood was falling from Jono's nose in little pitter-pats against the pavement at his feet as he tried to keep his focus on both the flames and making damn certain that Grundy didn't get sidetracked on his way to Old Gotham.

If he didn't have to push as hard with the flame, maybe he'd make it that far. Maybe he wouldn't have to resort to something that would level a little more of New Gotham than they wanted to spare.

That idea of not hugging and disintegrating? Probably an even better thing to do now that there was a warm presence at his back.

Momoko had gotten enough people out of the way that he had been able to find an empty alleyway and transformed. Finding his way back to the main fight had been no problem.


Not bleeding from anywhere else had better be included in there.

Jon's voice was faint when he replied, broken, words staggered and fading out here and there as he tried to turn his attention in three directions at once.

//Old Gotham...// And a vague notion of the image that Dinah had sent him. //Through th'... street. Bury 'm... undergroun'... We're corralling 'm.//

Grundy was a howling, flaming, slow mess of a thing, being prodded by Dinah's scream, Jono's pulses of energy, and a vague sense of where to go.


... and wrecking everything in his path on the way.

Momoko frowned, taking in the scene, Jono's words, and what he knew of his teammates... A better plan would be for Blossom to fly Grundy out, but Blossom hadn't been here when the plan was started so this totally made more sense! Now that he was here,though, they could actually change the plan!

Especially seeing how much it was taking out of Jono and Dinah... and New Gotham!

Though taking off and flying Solomon Grundy to Old Gotham would leave Jono in a worse situation - injured and with no one near enough who could help him. Right.

"Your choice, General. I lasso the zombie and carry you or vice versa." Sure it would be a little tricky... Solomon Grundy was on fire and apparently strong enough to destroy buildings with a punch! But then, so was Blossom!

Well, not the fire part...

//First option,// Jono said tersely, and it was clear that his nerves were fraying if he wasn't telling her not to call him 'General.' //Lasso him.//

Jono would be less likely to try to smash in Blossom's face while being carried, after all. Significantly so.

And he really wasn't feeling up to being dangled by a yo-yo again.

Blossom would be more than willing to use another name for him, but somehow Jono had never actually told her his code name! Plus, it totally made him switch to thinking like a general and not like a hero and Momoko totally knew that.

Cheating, what?

Blossom pulled a yo-yo from his pocket and, getting DInah's attention, lifted it high while pointing to himself and then up. Hopefully her partner got that the plan had slightly changed and would avoid hitting Blossom with the Cry, please?

He lifted into the air and headed towards the flaming fury... One yo-yo was soon heading towards Solomon Grundy's head, another was held back and ready to go as soon as Blossom saw the right angle...

"OW!" That had Grundy turning in one direction, missing seeing Momoko and Jono by a very little bit, then being driven back by Dinah's next scream. She was definitely herding him to a place where Momoko could pounce.


//Fat bloody chance.// Yes, Jono did dredge up some extra focus just so that he could snark at Grundy. //Remember that smashy place you want to go to? We're going to help you get there, mate.//

His knees were buckling underneath him, and he was starting to see spots of light. Blossom's appearance was one hell of a relief, really.

//Count of three, then. Dinah and I will stop attacking long enough for Blossom to get that lasso firmly in there. One... two...//

And then, the wall of fire stopped, leaving Jono swaying where he stood, trying to mentally coerce Grundy into being a little more cooperative for the flying... boy.

"THREE!" Blossom had managed to get close enough that the yo-yo was well on its way to making three loops around the large 'man'. As soon as the base looped around the string for the last time, Blossom pulled up sharp, tightening the White-light-infused string. The strong resistance at the other end made it a struggle of superstrength versus supernatural strength, but Blossom wasn't about to give up!

He was, in fact, already trying to head back to pick up Jono, struggling zombie on the line or no.

Grundy thrashed like the biggest land-whale ever, howling and gnashing his teeth, trying to get a hand or a tooth into the line.


Would it help stop the struggling if Blossom tugged the string and sent him into a nearby building? Because seriously! "You're throwing off my flight!!"



Dinah had a much clearer shot of just Grundy now that he was dangling, and he was screaming again in a second. And still, thrashing and thrashing and jerking and kicking and punching and--


Rrrrrrrrr. Fine! If Solomon Grundy was going to struggle, that simply meant Blossom had to work harder!

He stopped in mid-air and tightened up the string. It made the distance between himself and the captured robber smaller, yes, but it gave him better control and made it easier to fly.

Which he was doing again, now, heading straight for you, Jono! Blossom dropped and began flying low enough to get Jono that the zombie was now being dragged along the street behind him.

Better be ready to be scooped up, Jono! You'll get hit by a very unhappy zombie and some flying pavement if Blossom misses.

Jono was perfectly ready to be scooped up, in that 'actually having difficulty remaining conscious' sort of way!

Which was to say, at least he had his eyes open and his attention directed somewhat toward Blossom, and his arms were up somewhat so that she'd have something to grab at once she got closer.

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