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New Gotham, Saturday
"Braaaaaains," Dinah chanted at Gabby. "Huuuuuuungrrrrryyy..."

"You need more blood on your face, hold still," her roomie answered.

The accoutrements of zombification were everywhere around their apartment. As well as the canned goods needed for their entry fee.

Now all they needed was an army.

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Re: Wuh-Oh.

Dinah got closer, peering under a bench to see Grundy turning around, away from the edge of the square, heading back to them. Huge fists slammed down on the ground, opening up cracks and one huge fissure.

"Ooohhkay, so. What now?" She paused, looking at Jono. "We could both hit him at once...?"

Since the guy really couldn't get much angrier. She hoped.

Re: Wuh-Oh.

//Dinah, I would just like you to know that it's been an honour and a pleasure being your friend,// Jono said in an aside to her, staring up at Grundy with wide eyes before attempting to tether the car that he'd been hiding behind into Grundy's consciousness. There. That car right there, it had insulted Grundy's mother, and was probably a horrible influence on impressionable zombie minds everywhere.

//Both at once? You scream, and I... try to blow him to kingdom come?//

Re: Wuh-Oh.

"Same here, Jono. Honor, pleasure, priviledge... oh crap I think we better do it now," Dinah said, backing up.

Re: Wuh-Oh.

"BAD CAR!" Yup, there was Grundy, going for the car. "KILL. CAR. NOW!"

Oh look, people.


Re: Wuh-Oh.

//Count of--// That roar shook the street, and Jono's knees almost gave out underneath him. //Count of NOW!//

Yeah, that would be Jonothon, sending a gout of flame billowing toward Grundy, both superheated and concussive, with intent to kill if need be.

Jonothon had gotten a lot less squeamish about killing, over the years. It was a decision made much simpler by the fact that Grundy was already dead.

Re: Wuh-Oh.

Dinah was up and screaming, hoping Jonothon would forgive her for only being five feet away when she did this.


A nearby streetlamp started to buckle, debris rolled to the other side of the street-- Jonothon's flame had reached Grundy, and--

Re: Wuh-Oh.

The flames hurt! The punch hurt! His ears hurt!


Grundy was thrashing, on fire, and (very slowly) heading their way. "RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRR!"

Re: Wuh-Oh.

Slow was good. Slow was pretty much Jonothon's favourite thing in the world, right about then.

Slow meant that he was bracing his feet against the pavement and pushing right back, even harder, trying to fill Grundy's head with the notion that the closer he got to the two who were attacking him, the more he would hurt.

Which was true enough, so far as Jono saw it, though he wasn't quite certain if it would be Grundy or the two of them doing the hurting.

Re: Wuh-Oh.

Dinah had to take a breath, and then yell to be heard over Grundy's roaring. "I think it's working! Maybe we can--"

Whoops, okay, time to start screaming again, he was starting to make progress and--




Re: Wuh-Oh.

Shitshitshitshitshit, that was a flaming car heading their way, and Jono barely managed to scramble out of the way of it as it went crashing down where he'd been standing.

He turned on his heel again, and once again he let loose with a gout of flame, pulling his presence from Grundy's mind entirely and reaching for Dinah's hand, trying to string the link between the two of them that way, instead.

//Pause to breathe when you need to, but talk to me like this, luv. I think I can pull my weight extra for an inhale, but less for a bold statement or two.//

Please, ignore the way his nose was bleeding. He was going to ignore the fact that his ears felt somewhat as though they were doing the same.

Not dying seemed like a higher priority anyway.

Re: Wuh-Oh.

Much higher, yes.

Older Gotham. Under the streets. Dinah sent as fast as she could. Unstable. Maybe, with fire, and punching, and screaming AND a fall--

She sent him an image of an area about four blocks away, which had a few rickety staircases down into the underground areas, where a subway line had collapsed once-- and thinner street covers, less stable ground. You think?

And another scream, as loud as she could make it.

Re: Wuh-Oh.

//Push him back, send him underground, let him smash rubble to his heart's content?//

Jono could get behind that plan. He'd have to be carried out of there, at this rate, but it was the best chance they had.

He gave another push, a flurry of sparks drifting away from his chest. He was going to end up losing ground to himself at this rate, too, but he'd worry about that one later.

Re: Wuh-Oh.

I don't think we have any more time. We're going to get tired, the police are going to get antsy-- Dinah paused for breath, and sent, I'll move off a little. Give him something to retreat from, into that direction. LUCK! She squeezed his hand, and took another breath, then started screaming, but moving away, to drive Grundy backward, into the direction of Old Gotham.

Re: Wuh-Oh.

Roaring again, Grundy veered off, trying to avoid one of the things hurting him. He picked kicked at one of those buckling streetlights, and then picked it up as a bat.


There wasn't anything else in his head. Except OWIE HURT AAAAAAAAAR!

Re: Wuh-Oh.

Jono hesitated for a moment watching Dinah move, and then nodded, moving around the other way, attempting to corral Grundy back. In his head, he was clinging to the image that Dinah had sent him, and was now trying to send that to Grundy, with a suggestion that he go there to smash things. There was much better smashing to be done in that area. Road that would be easy to pull up, to crush the two pests that were screaming at him and burning him right now.

Didn't he want to go there?

Because if he didn't, Jono was going to just have to keep trying to disintegrate him while nudging him along. Or resort to the old hug-and-explode trick.

People probably didn't want him to resort to the hug-and-explode trick.

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