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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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New Gotham, Saturday
"Braaaaaains," Dinah chanted at Gabby. "Huuuuuuungrrrrryyy..."

"You need more blood on your face, hold still," her roomie answered.

The accoutrements of zombification were everywhere around their apartment. As well as the canned goods needed for their entry fee.

Now all they needed was an army.

[ooc: for those going zombie-walking! threads up in a second.]

Re: Wuh-Oh.

"CAN'T FOOL GRUNDY!" he yelled in maniacal glee. He started chasing the car, which sped up as it hit an incline. "GONNA GET YOUUUUUU!"

Re: Wuh-Oh.

Dinah slid downward to get at least some cover behind a dumpster, and made frantic waving motions to Jono. Grundy was half a block away now, and she was trying to plot out in her head how to get the handful of people on the sidelines out of there to safety.

"Plans? Ideas? Concepts?" she said as he got closer.

Re: Wuh-Oh.

Jono watched him run for a moment, and then broke into a run himself, to catch up with Dinah.

//How long you figure that'll keep him occupied?// He looked around that those who were playing dead on the ground. //Because however long it takes for him to get tired of chasing that car is as long as you all have to get the hell out of here. Go, run!//

Now was an excellent time for the stragglers around here to scatter, he figured.

//As for plans... good lord, I don't even know. He's ridiculously strong, which means getting close is a horrible idea. What do you know about him besides?//

Re: Wuh-Oh.

Dinah took a minute to help match up a couple of those zombies with each other, so they could help each other limp and stagger away, then turned back to Jono, grimacing.

"Not very bright, like you've noticed. I hope he doesn't hurt anybody when he catches that car." She bit her lip. "Immune to magic, from what I've heard. Uhh, I think... yeah, somebody tried to freeze him once, it didn't take. And someone tried to set him on fire and he kept going. At least if all the stories have some kind of facts behind them." She laced her fingers together on the back of her neck, and shook her head. "I have no idea if the Canary Cry would work on him or just make him more angry."

Re: Wuh-Oh.

//I'm a walking bomb, if push comes to shove,// Jono hedged, looking back down the street, eyebrows furrowed. //I'm not terribly keen on the idea of leveling the neighbourhood, though he's already making good headway on that one. I could try to get into his head, perhaps. Make him not want to be in the city...?//

Which would involve going into a dead man's head. Not really something Jono was keen on, either, but when push came to shove...

Re: Wuh-Oh.

"Worth a shot. At least before we pull out the big guns of trying to fight him directly," Dinah said, slightly grim. The zombie make-up made it look even more solemn. "The NGPD have a perimeter now, nobody new should be getting closer. I threw two of the robbers at them, one of them got away. At least for now."

Yeah, after this was over, she was going to track that guy down and kick his ass for pulling Grundy into a daylight robbery, jeez.

"They'll have to start moving in soon. They'll try to contain him, but..."

Yeah. Indestructible undead super-strong zombie.

Re: Wuh-Oh.

Jono closed his eyes and nodded. Right. Going into somebody's head, screwing around with the wiring in there. That was easy. Too easy. He hated to do it, loathed the idea of it, but...

//Grundy, mate. Have you found me, yet?//

Open a link. Try to keep a grasp on it. Easy. Too bloody easy.

//I just want to talk. No smashing, no fighting. I know you can be better than this, mate.//

Just one last ditch effort to talk him down. Jonothon's flames were twisting red in his chest, throwing off uneasy sparks as he tried to wrap Grundy's mind up neatly, tried to establish a psionic hold too firm to be easily broken. The zombie didn't exactly have the strongest mental prowess. Fish in a barrel.

Re: Wuh-Oh.

Grundy stopped, confused, turning around and around and around.

"COME OUT COME OUT." He growled, starting to stomp his way backward toward them. "NOT IN CAR. LIED TO GRUNDY."

Grundy's mind was simple. And powerful. Like a rhinoceros, it kept returning to hit-smash-kill-angry-angry-angry. Nothing complex. Nothing subtle.

Happiness, as a concept, was barely grasped. Mostly in moving-running-SMASHING.


Re: Wuh-Oh.

//That'd make two of us,// Jono mumbled with a wince as he hit the wall of anger in the man's mind. He waved a hand at Dinah silently beckoning her closer. He wasn't sure he was going to be able to do this and not end up toppling over, at this rate.

He couldn't get rid of the anger. Fine, fine. Maybe he could... redirect it? Go in there with a mental eraser and try to strike the cops from his consciousness entirely...

He braced himself for the push back.

Re: Wuh-Oh.

There was confusion there now, which made Grundy even angrier, but it wasn't directed at cops. It was directed at --

what? He didn't even know.

But it meant he was headed their way. "STOPPPPIT!"

Re: Wuh-Oh.

Dinah got closer, peering under a bench to see Grundy turning around, away from the edge of the square, heading back to them. Huge fists slammed down on the ground, opening up cracks and one huge fissure.

"Ooohhkay, so. What now?" She paused, looking at Jono. "We could both hit him at once...?"

Since the guy really couldn't get much angrier. She hoped.

Re: Wuh-Oh.

//Dinah, I would just like you to know that it's been an honour and a pleasure being your friend,// Jono said in an aside to her, staring up at Grundy with wide eyes before attempting to tether the car that he'd been hiding behind into Grundy's consciousness. There. That car right there, it had insulted Grundy's mother, and was probably a horrible influence on impressionable zombie minds everywhere.

//Both at once? You scream, and I... try to blow him to kingdom come?//

Re: Wuh-Oh.

"Same here, Jono. Honor, pleasure, priviledge... oh crap I think we better do it now," Dinah said, backing up.

Re: Wuh-Oh.

"BAD CAR!" Yup, there was Grundy, going for the car. "KILL. CAR. NOW!"

Oh look, people.


Re: Wuh-Oh.

//Count of--// That roar shook the street, and Jono's knees almost gave out underneath him. //Count of NOW!//

Yeah, that would be Jonothon, sending a gout of flame billowing toward Grundy, both superheated and concussive, with intent to kill if need be.

Jonothon had gotten a lot less squeamish about killing, over the years. It was a decision made much simpler by the fact that Grundy was already dead.

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