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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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New Gotham, Saturday
"Braaaaaains," Dinah chanted at Gabby. "Huuuuuuungrrrrryyy..."

"You need more blood on your face, hold still," her roomie answered.

The accoutrements of zombification were everywhere around their apartment. As well as the canned goods needed for their entry fee.

Now all they needed was an army.

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Re: Wuh-Oh.

"Woah." Priestly looked up -- and up and UP at the big guy. "That is one hell of an outfit."

He would really like that to be a costume, please.

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Re: Wuh-Oh.

"Yes. It is," Dinah said, then ducked as said big guy picked up a mailbox and tossed it casually overhand toward their side of the street. "...remember me telling you about that guy, last week?"

Um. Well....

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Re: Wuh-Oh.

"You mean about the probably fictional weird zombie dude?" Priestly didn't look away from the big guy. "He doesn't look fictional."

He dug a little tin out of his pocket and offered it to the big guy. "Uh. Would you like some fish paste, dude?"

Maybe he was just cranky from low blood sugar.

Re: Wuh-Oh.

"ZOMBIE FOOD?" inquired Grundy, reaching for it. "ZOMBIE... CHEW?"

And now he was rubbing fish paste on his gums.


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Re: Wuh-Oh.

"Yeah," Priestly said sympathetically. "It's kind of an acquired taste."

Re: Wuh-Oh.

"BLEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAA." Now Grundy was trying to get it off his teeth. And bad-temperedly winging that can down the street and through a window. "POISON! YOU TRY POISON GRUNDY!"

Re: Wuh-Oh.

"Right," Priestly said. "That did not work."

Mark and Tia grabbed both his wrists and started yanking him backward. "Not poison!" Priestly yelled as he was dragged out of grabbing and throwing range. "Just fish!"

Re: Wuh-Oh.

"RUNNING. AWAY," Dinah suggested very loudly, and hitting the back of Grundy's knees with a shot of TK to see if it could make the big guy fall over.

Sadly, no. Although it did set him off to growling again, and slowed him down. A bit.

"Nice try though!" she added, once she caught up with them on the next corner.

Re: Wuh-Oh.

"For a moron," Mark grumbled. "Dude, I know you didn't grow up here, but don't feed the creepy bank robbers."

"Did anyone get a photo of him?" Tia asked. "I could use it for my thesis."

"Sometimes zombies are just hungry," Priestly tried to explain. "Or trying to get their band going."

Thanks, Caritas.

Re: Wuh-Oh.

Dinah managed not to facepalm at that. "And sometimes they just committed a felony and would like to not get caught!" Dinah took a breath and then added, "Although if it had worked, it would've been awesome."

Gabby popped up from behind a trashed bus shelter, and took a photo of them all. Dinah flinched, then leaned over, panting. "Right. Gotta go back. Find Momoko. Find Jono."

...Gabby was giving her a Look of, Dude you're being weird in front of normal people.

Re: Wuh-Oh.

"Dude," Mark hissed at Priestly. "Why is your girlfriend going back towards the monster?"

Tia on the other hand just tilted her head thoughtfully.

"Let's help herd our fellow zombies away from the fray," Priestly said a little too loudly. "Be useful bystanders!"

Re: Wuh-Oh.

"Yes!" Dinah agreed, somewhat manic. "I'll do that-- in that direction!"

Yes, that's back towards the eight-foot-tall zombie guy.

"And, uh...."

"I'll be setting up First Aid two blocks down," Gabby said helpfully. "Behind the cops. Send people who need it that way."

"Yes! That!" Damn, Gabby was brilliant. Dinah leaned over to hug Priestly, and gave him a stern look, trying to ignore Tia and Mark's suspicious and even-more-suspicious glances. "No dying, dude."

Re: Wuh-Oh.

"You know I've always tried actively not to do that, right?" Priestly asked. "Alternate realities aside."

Tia and Mark exchanged another glance.

"Alright, guys," Priestly said. "Let's see if we can organize people towards the first aid and out of the cops' way, yeah?"