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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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New Gotham, Saturday
"Braaaaaains," Dinah chanted at Gabby. "Huuuuuuungrrrrryyy..."

"You need more blood on your face, hold still," her roomie answered.

The accoutrements of zombification were everywhere around their apartment. As well as the canned goods needed for their entry fee.

Now all they needed was an army.

[ooc: for those going zombie-walking! threads up in a second.]

"I have to be back in El Paso tomorrow anyway," Momoko nodded. "I was going to tell you when I got here, but that layover..." he rolled his eyes.

"I have a big test on Monday, so I need to study. I'll have to avoid Mrs Wilson, though. If my mom punched me when she first saw me like this, I'd hate to know what Mrs Wilson would do."

"Soooo crash on Jaime's couch." Dinah grinned. "And text Mrs. Wilson that you'll be back on Monday. And it's fine, you know that, I'm just glad you could make it to our silliness this time."

Momoko's grin was totally evil. "You know, I totally should? He stayed with me the whole time he was a girl. He totally deserves me for one day!"

"It's been forever since I've visited you here; of course I came!" He leaned over and hugged Dinah.