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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Room 312, Friday afternoon and later
Dinah left the door open, put on one of her own CDs - Seal this time - and retrieved some cut-up steak meat from the fridge in the Common Room for Blind Seer, then settled in to wait for Blysse and her best friend.

Convincing Camille that no, steak was not for kittens, might take a while.

[ooc: expecting a couple wolves and other people, but open all the same]

A wolf's sense of smell came in very handy when one couldn't do things like read student directories or room numbers.

So it was that two wolves were knocking on the door.

Dinah got up, holding Camille in her arms, then grinned as she opened the door. "Hi, guys! Come on in. Blind Seer, I got you a treat after all. Better eat some of it before someone," she scritched under Camille's chin, "decides its hers."

Camille, meanwhile, was staring at Blind Seer in fascinated horror. Big Bad Wolf! In my room!

Blind Seer gave Camille a toothy grin, which caused Firekeeper to just roll her eyes and give him a shove that was easily translatable as "behave!"

"He know he not supposed to hurt pets," she informed Dinah, hopefully in a reassuring manner.

[at work, so will be slow for a few hours. I'm just impatient!]

My girl my room my food! Camille hissed, leaning out from Dinah's arms, and she had to grab her to keep the kitten in place.

"I'm trusting you not to play rough, guy," Dinah said, shaking her head. "She's only a baby, even if she's rude." She held the door open, and nodded toward the plate of steak. "Bologna compensation. And here's the CD," she added, handing it over to Blysse. She'd already taken the cellophane and sticker wrapping off of it; frustrating enough when you were used to it, so why inflict it on someone who wasn't?

[heeee, s'cool]

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Impertinent little one, Blind Seer said with an air of tolerant amusement. I'm not out to steal your room or your girl. She did, however, promise me food, and that I will take. He wandered over to the plate and, with a nod to Dinah in thanks first, snapped it up quickly.

Cats, he shook his head at Firekeeper. For her part, she resisted the urge to laugh rather well.

"How it works, then?" she asked Dinah, opening the case to stare at the silver disc inside.

Camille blew the cat equivalent of a raspberry, and sulked in Dinah's arms as dramatically as she knew how, elaborately ignoring Blind Seer.

"I'm sorry, she's a drama queen, hopefully she'll grow out of it," Dinah said with a sigh, petting Camille on the head. "Camille, Blind Seer and Blysse. Guys? My silly kitten." She grinned and tapped the CD case. "The music is recorded, um, written? On the disc. Have you ever seen a music box?" Dinah wondered, taking the disc and going over to her computer.

She pointed at the CD drive slot button, and said, "Same kind of button as there is on the TV remote, see? That square." She hit stop, and then hit it again so the little slot opened, showing the disc that had been playing earlier. She took it out, and then put the CD in.

Edited at 2009-03-21 01:07 am (UTC)

"Know remotes, but no music box," Firekeeper shook her head. "Only music I am knowing is played with instruments."

"Well, music boxes are kind of... like xylophones? Or pianos?" Dinah thought about trying to explain, then said, "A pattern's carved onto the surface. Sounds. On a music box, it's big, you can see it. Teeny, teeny tiny, for a CD. When you trace a needle or a light on the pattern, it plays the pattern, the music, back. That's the best I can explain it." She grinned. "Now, watch."

She moved the mouse to click on the screen, to hit the same play button that was on the remotes, click the mouse button, and Akua Tuta began to play through the speakers.

Bird twitters and calls, stomping footsteps, and rushing water, and then the call of pipes and guitars.

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A little later, Tony arrived bearing a bag of marshmallow strawberries and knocked on Dinah's door.

"Hey!" Dinah grinned as she opened the door, then tilted her head at the strawberries. "Ooooo. You come bearing foodstuffs, come on in."

Tony tossed her the bag and sat down on her bed. "Sugary foodstuffs, even."

"But no jelly," Dinah said in a fake-sad voice, then laughed. "Oh god, I can't believe I ate that last weekend." She grinned and opened up the bag, popping one big marshmallow into her mouth. "Or that I still ate Lucky Charms on Tuesday after that." She turned and flipped on her little TV set, and started surfing the channels. "Tonight's the night for the finale, right?"*

[ * This post contains no spoilers. Just a lot of sugar. ]

"Oh yeah," Tony said. "And don't spoil me, if you know anything."

"I don't know anything," Dinah denied. "Except what I've seen in the little trailers, and you know they edit those to be confusing."

The drums of Strifenova Celestial started up on her TV, the music going out into the hallway as she settled in on the bed next to Tony, grabbing a strawberry to go with the marshmallows. "Thank you, babysitter."

Not bringing any food bits--probably for a good reason--Merlin managed to half fly, half hop his way to Dinah's room.

And 'kreee' rather pathetically in the doorway.

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