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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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The Clocktower, Saturday evening
Mass-text to Dinah's friends:

Emergency broadcast! Raven's been kidnapped.

Uh, we could use all the help that's out there-- the park's been taken over by plants. And maybe plant-people. And Poison Ivy the supervillain, not the plant.

Further details to anyone who can show up and help out with trying to figure out how to stop this:

[ooc: open to Dinah & Raven's friends, for assistance against botanic super-villainy!]

Why must you insist on making me wonder if going to college there is a mistake? Priestly teased.

Why must you make me wanna lie? Dinah demanded back, shaking her head. Like you couldn't handle some plants.

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Jono really didn't need to be told twice. Raven? Kidnapped? There wasn't a better way to get him to run for a portal any faster, even if someone had lit his ass on fire.

I'm on my way. Any idea where to find Raven? Fortunately, I'm well-equipped to deal with troublesome plants.

She's *somewhere* in the middle of all that green in the photo, Dinah sent back. Helena's having a tough time trying to get past the outer-most block on her own. The PD are just trying to keep bystanders from getting hurt or wandering in. I'm about ready to head out, but I'm not at a hundred percent yet.

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Dinah could have stopped the text simply at "Raven's been kidnapped" because that's all Momoko read before:

Who has Raven?!

And as soon as she hit send, she was frantically pulling on the cord to signal the bus driver to stop.

"Sorry! Excuse me! Can you let me off here! I, uh. That was my stop back there! Sorry!" The driver was nice enough to pull over and let her off at the corner, despite the fact that she'd just gotten on the bus a few streets back.

Answering his confused look with a thankful smile, Momoko rushed off the bus. She took a moment to read the rest of Dinah's original message before typing another one back:

ANd I thought Poison Ivy was reformed! Why al the plants???"

And then headed back towards her apartment.

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'Cause she's nuts. And she's Ivy. Dinah didn't have any better explanation than that.

She's taking over the park, there are walking plant-people keeping everyone out or taking them prisoner. It's just too big to dive in and hope to find her in 2 minutes. Need help!

Plant people?

Momoko sped up her steps. On my way home, then to you. Only the park? Looked like more in pic.

She had to make sure Moshi had food in case this took a while. "Ah!" She tapped a quick message to Jaime's cell: "You on your way home yet???"

Then back to Dinah: How long Raven been gone?

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Hannibal thought about it for a moment, then texted back, I am on my way. Any questions were better answered in person.

He showed up at Portalocity with an emergency medical bag (one of the first things he'd left at this house) with him, carefully carrying it two-handed and determined not to let the strain show.

How fortunate that Hannibal wasn't the only one making an emergency portal to New Gotham tonight, wasn't it? Jono glanced up from his place in the office's waiting area, took in the sight of Hannibal standing there with his med bag, and then nodded.

//Wouldn't happen to be part of the cavalry running off to assist in the rescue of a certain empath we both know, would you?//

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Thanks, Doc. Dinah texted back when she got this. Could always use more support here.

Karla got the message during Court. Most people didn't understand how her phone worked and barely paid attention to it, but everyone noticed when the temperature of the surrounding area plummeted and ice ran up the walls and across the ceiling.

"My lady?" Lord Mallory took a tentative step forward even as the rest of the Court stepped backwards in fear.

"I am needed elsewhere," Karla said while her fingers typed out a return message to Dinah. "Court dismissed."

The courtiers took one look at the winter landscape outside and the even colder landscape inside and wisely fled.

I will be there shortly. You had better get to Poison Ivy before I do.

Well, crap.

Trying to evacuate the area to keep it clear now. Dinah typed fast as she put on her uniform. Raven's alive. Ivy likes her. Just remember that.

If she liked her all that much, she would not have raised a hand to her,. Karla's texts were calm. Karla was calm. Coldly calm. The ice trailed after her as she walked. Don't worry, sister-mine. I know exactly what I'm doing.

Wasn't that a comfort?

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Warren had gotten the message at about the same time, but hadn't reached for his phone until after Karla had. And by that point, the ice running along the walls seemed like a higher priority than checking his texts.

"Karla...?" He kept his voice carefully even as he spoke, careful to hold her eye contact. "What is it?"

"Raven has been taken by someone named Poison Ivy," Karla crooned. "We are going to get her. Book a portal, my love. We need to arrive there immediately."

She was smiling. It was terrifying.

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