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New Gotham
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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New Gotham City, on the edge of Robinson Park, Saturday
The open spaces that Pamela Iseley had bought and had renovated were now green. Already. Wow.

...did some of those workers have kind of a greenish tint to their skin?

It was probably something in the fertilizer.

[ooc: open for Raven, Dinah, and other New Gotham peoples.]

Raven was amazed by what she found when she reached the park. "It is so beautiful, Pamela," she said to her friend. "I cannot believe how much you have accomplished already. How have you done so much?"

Pamela beamed with pride. "Some donations of large plants, but mostly, I believe, my new fertilizer. You remember I was talking about the gene splicing, at the graduation ceremony for your friend? We've made some wonderful strides forward." She stroked a low-hanging leaf very gently, giving the garden a loving look. "Just think of what this could do to help the rainforest. This is the first step."

Raven nodded, smiling as she drank in that pride. "This is an amazing accomplishment," she said "And just think of the potential for bringing much-needed plant life to areas where the people suffer from lack of food and malnutrition. You can bring health and happiness to so many!"

"Yes," Pamela said, her voice a little more muted. Then, thoughtfully, "I wonder if there would be those willing to help with the transplantation in such areas. Indigenous tribes, perhaps. They must hate the encroaching industrialization as much as we do."

"I am certain they would be pleased to help should they understand the benefit to them, so long as their culture is respected," Raven said.

But speaking of encroaching.... She glanced around at all the plant life. "It will not grow too much more, will it? It is all so lovely, but should it start to spill outside the confines of the park, it would cause problems with the streets and buildings around us."

"Problems?" Pamela seemed to be communing with a bunch of low-hanging blossoms. She blinked at Raven. "Nonsense. The permits included all of this area. It's designed to link with Robinson Park, and enhance the entire area of midtown."

Which... wasn't entirely an answer.

Raven shook her head. "No, I meant the streets that border the park," she said. "Should the plants grow out into the streets, they could be run over by cars or cause accidents. But you would have thought of that, of course?"



"Of course." Pamela let go of the branch and smiled slightly. "There will have to be some detours as things develop. But there won't be any damage to the plants in the interim. They'll be strong enough and entrenched enough to create a barrier soon."

Raven didn't really like the sound of that.

"Barrier?" she said, frowning slightly. "You never mentioned that."

"Well, we can't have anyone trying to steal the seedlings," Pamela said reasonably. "Or stopping the project. Fence posts and wires are so cruel to my darlings." Another caress of an errant leaf. It kind of seemed like the vegetation was... bowing, to Pamela. "They'll be able to defend themselves very soon."

Raven had a very bad feeling about this now, but she smiled at Ivy. "That is true," she said. "A wise precaution. What kind of defenses will they have? Obviously ones that will not cause harm to the other plants."

"Thorns. I always liked that idea in the Sleeping Beauty fairytale," Pamela confided. "As well as vine nets; some of them are already working together, it's darling. And..." She stopped, then shook her head. "Well, the last one isn't finished yet, it's going to be a surprise. I'm not certain if it's been successful."

"Well, I hope that their use will never be needed, and that all will respect this place and the others to come," Raven said. "It is incredible what you have accomplished here in such a short time. But I fear I cannot stay long today, though I will surely come back tomorrow to enjoy the beauty here."

She really wanted to get away from Pamela right now so she could call Dinah and let her know what was going on.

Pamela gave her a considering look, and then smiled. "Yes. I do want you to see this, since you were so helpful with getting it established. I have the perfect place in the center that I designed with you in mind."

"Oh, I am honored," Raven said. She was still really hoping this bad feeling was wrong. "I cannot wait to see it."

Once she neared the edge of the park, Raven pulled out her phone and dialed Dinah's number. She had a sinking feeling that she'd been far too trusting to Pamela.

"Hey ya!" Dinah said when she answered the phone. Raven's assigned ring tone was pretty distinctive. "Having fun out on the town?"

"Dinah, I fear I have made a mistake," Raven said urgently. "Perhaps you and Helena and Barbara were correct in not trusting Pamela."

"Wuh-oh." Dinah set down the weights she'd been using to try to strengthen her muscles again, and straightened up at the bench. "What's she done? What's happened?"

"She has been renovating portions of Robinson Park, and I thought it a healthy use of her talents," Raven confessed. "But I think she intends her plants to grow beyond the boundaries of the park, and she says they will be able to defend themselves as well."

"Oh, crap," Dinah breathed. Then pulled the phone away from her face to yell, "BARBARA! HELENA! IVY'S ON THE MOVE!"

Speaking back into the phone, Dinah asked, "Where are you? You need to get away from her as soon as you can."

"I am leaving Robinson Park right now," Raven said. "I will teleport to you in a moment."

That might prove a little difficult, with the hazy scent of some of the plants closing in around her.

And a green hand reaching for one arm, as another reached for the phone.

Raven wanted to cry out for help, but the strange scent was making her weak and dizzy. It was all around her, growing stronger and stronger, making it impossible to banish from her system. "Dinah...," she said weakly before her vision went black and consciousness fled.

"Raven? Raven!"

There was a clatter as if Raven had dropped the phone, and traffic sounds in the distance, and nothing else.

"Damnit!" Dinah got to her feet and staggered for the stairs as fast as she could. "Poison Ivy's got Raven!"