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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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The Clocktower, Tuesday Night
Week 4 of Dinah's recovery was going better. Well. Ish.

She'd just beaten Gabby at Mario Kart again, applied for four more jobs, and started juggling chess pieces with TK.

...really, any distraction here, any one?

[ooc: expecting one, but open for phone calls, texts, etc. too!]

A distraction would soon arrive in the form of Raven walking into Dinah's room.

"Are you bored enough to allow me to heal you now?" she said, her tone scolding but not really. (But really.)

"Maybe?" Dinah was looking very, very penitent, did that help? "Maybe I should've called sooner?" She beamed. "Hi Raven!"

"You should have called me right away!" Raven said. She did a quick empathic check of Dinah to reassure herself that she was healing well -- however slowly -- by herself.

"If I tell you that I already feel dumb for saying something like 'you have a real job' to Karla, will it help that I know better now?" Dinah asked, floating a plate of cookies over to her guest. "Cookie?"

"Well, as long as you have learned your lesson," Raven said, accepting the cookie bribe. "I am just pleased that you were not hurt any worse."

"Me too. Seriously. I've had a month to regret just about everything I did that ended up with me on this couch." Dinah took a cookie for herself. "How long can you stay?" She gave her puppy eyes. "A while? And if you heal me up, do you think I could be up and around tomorrow?"

Raven sat down on the edge of the couch, careful not to jostle Dinah's legs. "I have a few days," she said. "And you can be up and around in but a moment once I heal you."

Dinah leaned over to give her a spontaneous hug. "Yay! And... thanks. Really." She grimaced. "I swear I will be more careful. And not undo all your work. And did I mention learning more martial arts so it can't happen again?"

"I should hope not," Raven said with a little frown. She didn't like the idea of any of her friends being injured, at least not when she was awake. Her nightmares were a different matter, but they were lessening somewhat since her talk with Hannibal. Either that or she was getting more used to them.

She hugged Dinah. "I hope who or whatever is responsible or this cannot hurt you or anyone else," she said. "Now, lie back, and I will see to your legs. They are healing on their own, of course, but I can speed the process."

Dinah flopped back, stretching a bit, beaming. "They're in jail. And Arkham. I mean, people get out of Arkham, but it'll be a while." She closed her eyes, trying to pick up on the details of the healing, although she didn't really hope to follow it all.

That reminded Raven should should call Pamela to see how she was doing.

She put her hands gently on Dinah's legs and closed her eyes. Fortunately, since the natural healing had been good so far, she wouldn't have to undo any of that to heal her correctly. She was glad she'd sat down, though, due to the jolts of pain that went through her own legs and she pulled the remaining damage from Dinah and into herself.

"There," she said, when she caught her breath. "You should be fine now."

Dinah very carefully sat up, and gave Raven's hand a squeeze, sending a thought of, Are you doing okay now? along with it.

She'd felt something, power, touch, and then the last of the pain was gone, the persistent itch was gone, it was fine. She'd still probably have to do physical therapy, like Priestly had pointed out, but yay! Healed! "Thank you!"

"You are welcome, but I insist you call me next time," Raven said, giving Dinah's leg a swat. "I am certain Karla would insist upon it as well. You are part of her First Circle, and I am Court Healer. So it is my duty to heal you, even if you are not in Glacia." So there.

"Okay, okay." Dinah grimaced at the swat, but was having too much fun bending her legs easily -- well, a lot easier-- to fight it. "This means we can go to Millenium Mile or somewhere else fun while you're here, you realize. I'm freeeeee!" And another hug.

"I am always up for something fun," Raven said with a smile. "I also thought I might see how Pamela is doing while I am visiting, but the majority of my time is yours."

"Hmmmmm," Dinah said, non-committally. Maybe Raven would be a good influence on Ivy? Maybe? "Right then. I'll introduce you to my bosses tomorrow, then we'll see what we can get up to."

Raven was a great influence!

"That sounds like a wonderful idea," she said.

A while later, Raven excused herself to make a phone call. She wanted to check on Pamela -- aka Poison Ivy -- and see if she was still doing well.

"Dr. Iseley speaking," Poison Ivy said upon answering her cell. She checked the caller ID. "Raven, how lovely to hear from you."

"Hello, Pamela," Raven said. "I am in New Gotham for a few days and thought I would call to see how you are doing. I hope everything is going well."

"It is! I'm working on a new redevelopment project, and it's getting a great deal of support," Ivy said, sounding pleased. "Would you like to do lunch, and maybe visit the site for the new botanic gardens?"

"I would love to see them," Raven said enthusiastically. "I am so glad your project is going well."

"So am I," Pamela confided. "Why don't we meet at the Cafe Russe, near the park, at noon tomorrow? I'm sure your friend Dinah will know where it is."

"I went to school here for a year, so I am familiar with the city," Raven said. "I am certain I can find it. I will see you tomorrow, then?"

"Of course! I look forward to it," Pamela promised.