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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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New Gotham City, Saturday evening (and yet still later that night)
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Ow ow ow ow ow ow freaking ow. Hand hurty. Legs... ugh. And get ready....

Rolling office chair. Candelabra. Open door.


Footsteps outside, coming closer. A pause of surprise at seeing the bed empty of Dinah.


Dinah slammed herself into the door, the door into Savant, and the candelabra into his head. He might've been a great fighter, but he had no instincts for dirty pool.


He fell to the floor on his knees, stunned and bleeding, one arm at a very unattractive angle. "Kill you for that--!"


"Yeah? Wanna thumb wrestle?" Dinah gasped for breath, adrenaline making her giggly. She yanked his other arm up with her telekinesis, and handcuffed him to the doorknob. "Gotta go. Better places to be. Things to do. Bad guys to beat up."


Downstairs, Dinah could hear glass crashing, grunting, swearing in Russian and a fight starting up. Go go go Huntress!

Black Canary

"And I think that's my ride." Dinah pulled herself along on the office chair, giddy with relief... and then stopped.

At the top of a curving flight of stairs.

"Well, @%!"


She staggered to her feet, hanging onto the banister, still trying to figure out if she could just slide down on her butt without hurting herself too much, when those footsteps caught up to her again.

"Did you forget that I had the key for those handcuffs?" Savant was swinging the eskrima in his other hand. "I think I'm going to hobble you even more than I did before."


"You come near me without your troll to help you, and you'll regret it." One of the pictures on the wall flew off to smack Savant in the head, and Dinah got her breath back as he stumbled backward. "It's over, Savant."

Or not, if she couldn't get out of this... unless....


"The more time I spent with you, the more I want to smack you across the skull," Savant growled.

Black Canary

"I. Decline," Dinah rasped, then grinned maniacally. And threw one limp leg over the banister, leaned back, and --


Fasted way to the first floor ever.


More smacking sounds grew closer, as Dinah hit the parquet and nearly passed out from the impact.

Which was when someone kicked Creote through a french door with a resounding crash.

"Huntress!" she tried to call. "Over... here!"


Helena came into view, cracking her knuckles. Savant was at the top of the stairs, demanding, "Don't tell me this is Oracle?"

"All I know is that she is deeply unpleasant," Creote responded.


Helena caught a glimpse of Dinah, and her expression darkened. "Canary? What the hell did they do to you!?" She glared at Savant and pointed a finger at him. "You are going to regret starting this."


Savant started laughing. "I doubt it. What's better than one hostage, but two?"

Just then, the phone rang. And a cell phone rang. And the computer beeped.

"Hold that thought." He answered the phone. "Hello?"


"Hello." Oracle's voice was everywhere. "I know who you are."

"What--?" Savant scowled. "You shouldn't violate my privacy, Oracle. It irks me. I get rid of things that irk me."

"I haven't even gotten started, Savant."
The Oracle-face symbol was suddenly on every screen in the house. "Or should I say Brian? Brian K. Durlin? Silver-spoon son of the Durlin family, high I.Q., flunked out of school despite that, and showed inability to distinguish time from a young age. Drop-out of med school, law school, several martial arts schools, failed Olympic trials despite payoffs from your father-- gee, Bri, was there anything you ever finished?"


Dinah started coughing and laughing, because oh, Barbara sure had this guy's number. He was starting to hit every screen he could reach with that eskrima, shrieking. All that failure would be sad, if the guy hadn't compounded it by being a violent extortionist weasel.


"Blackmailer, petty con man, thief... Do you know the police in Athens aren't even looking for you any more?" Barbara asked. "They just don't care. That's how important you are to them, Brian."

"I can still kill your partners," Savant hissed.

"Sure. Go ahead." Oracle sounded pretty confident about that. "It'll give me just enough time to finish scrubbing every bit of your blackmail information off your computer server."


Savant's eyes widened in horror, and he ran out of the room at speed. "My files!"


Creote, Helena, and Dinah watched him run, and then Helena said, "Time out, okay? Let's let the geeks work this out."

Creote shrugged helplessly, and Dinah studied him a minute.

"Does your boss know you're in love with him?"

".... he does not."

"Oh." Dinah shrugged. "Just wondering."


"Do we have to keep fighting about this?" Helena asked, moving to help Dinah get off the floor.

"I think... I think yes." Creote dove for Helena, and it was on again. Kicking punching slamming, and then Fisher was back again, and hitting Creote over the head with a piece of flaming piece of wood from the fireplace.

It didn't have much effect on him, because he immediately punched Fisher into the wall.


"Hey, big guy?" Dinah was grinning. "I don't think you noticed. But your hair is on fire."


Which was when Helena sucker-punched him with "good night, sweet Prince."


"Savant is coming back, guys," Barbara said. "You have thirty seconds to get out of there."

"You know, suddenly I don't want to leave so bad," Dinah mused. Helena gave her an incredulous look.

Black Canary

Savant came back in, carrying a poker from the fire, fuming. "I have decided the essence of betrayal is female. And most likely blond--"

Which was when Dinah TK-grabbed the poker, flipped it around, and stabbed him through the hand with it, pinning him to the wall.


Then punched him.

"...Now I'm ready to go."

[ooc: WARNING: For canon-level violence.
Thanks to Ana's Happy Preplay Coder for the template.
Characters, plot (and some dialogue) taken from Birds of Prey comic #58 & #59, "Of Like Minds" by Gail Simone.