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Pool cue
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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New Gotham City, Saturday evening
"Weren't all you heartless CEO types supposed to have gone underground in 2008?" Dinah asked the man trapped in the car with her.

Mr. Fisher had been about to gut his employees' retirement accounts and flee to Aruba when his car broke down... and Dinah conveniently appeared in one of Helena's cars to offer him a lift to the gas station. Only the conversation wasn't going quite how he'd expected when he'd seen fishnets on the driver, and not paid any attention to the hood over her face.

(She was never, ever, telling anyone she knew that she'd resorted to the fishnets to hook a bad guy.)

Now he was much more concerned with getting out of trouble. "I had to do it! I'm being blackmailed!"

Black Canary

Two minutes later Black Canary was talking to Oracle on coms, trying to figure out if it was true or not. They didn't have enough evidence to arrest him; he was deeply scared of metas (and seeing Dinah move things around the car had been enough even before she used her voice-changer to growl at him), and really, Barbara was pretty sure she could keep him in the country.

"You've got a week to get righteous," Dinah told him, before booting him out of the car.

Then had to fight the giggles at herself as Barbara snickered at her phrasing in her ear.


"No, really, I was frightened of you," Barbara tried to insist half an hour later, eating Chinese food in the Clocktower. "It was very intimidating."


"Shut up. I had him completely terrified." Dinah forked up some more shrimp, humming happily. "He'll leave the money alone, and either declare a legit bankruptcy or un-screw his financials. And if you tell anyone about the fishnets I will never pick up Hoo's for you again."


Something on the Delphi Circuit beeped obnoxiously, and Barbara turned to hit a few keys. "Fisher's on his computer. Let's see what he's up to now that he's been warned." Then her expression turned from amusement to horror.

"Dinah... this is a suicide note."

Tonight has proven to me that there is no escaping my misdeeds...

Black Canary

10 minutes later Dinah was on her way to Fisher's penthouse while Oracle tried to keep him from doing something permanent and horrible. His wife and kids were in the house too. All Dinah could keep thinking was that she hadn't seriously thought she was terrifying-- but Mr. Fisher must've bought her act hook, line and sinker.

"I'm at his apartment," she radioed Barbara before going in. "Is he still online?"


"For now... ry, Can--...." Barbara's voice was breaking up.

Black Canary

"Say again, Oracle?" Crap. Dinah spotted an express elevator, and jumped onto it, counting the floors as it rose, praying she'd get there in time. More static. Something in the building had to be interfering. Not important. Faster, come on, I need to get there--!

When the doors finally opened, she was facing the double doors of Fisher's penthouse. Trying the door, she found it locked. A kick and a TK-blow-- and the doors were blasted off their hinges.

"Mr. Fisher?"

A Bad Guy!

"You shouldn't have come." Mr. Fisher sounded resigned, but not angry. "I can't guarantee your safety."

Fisher was sitting in a recliner. Behind him, stood two men: a massive body-builder type with tattoos, and a smirking blond looking very, very pleased.

"Well, well. Black Canary! Aren't you a picture of feminine sexual iconography?"

...Dinah was really, really regretting the fishnets now.

"Seriously, you could put that outfit on a goat, and men would follow you. Oh, don't bother," he added, seeing Dinah reach for her ear coms. "I've been jamming that signal since you got here."

Another Bad Guy!

The other man was closing in on Dinah-- he had to be almost a foot taller than her, and bulked up like steroids were his breakfast.

"Tell your man to back off," she snapped, stepping back, mind racing. Where was Fisher's family? Were they safe? Was this the 'hypothetical' blackmailer he'd mentioned, that they hadn't believed in?

"Won't!" The blond bounced on his toes, looking really pleased as his bully-boy took a swing at her.

Talky Bad Guy

She barely ducked in time, and responded with kick to his face, then a TK blow to his knees. The man grunted-- and kept coming, barely seeming phased.

"You are just gonna make this interesting, aren't you?" the blond asked, unsheathing eskrima from his back.

Black Canary

"I bore easily," Dinah quipped, trying to cover her fear. Damnit damnit damnit-- Dinah sent another blast of TK at him, shoving as much furniture as she could in his direction, only to have to duck and weave as the bodybuilder tried to tackle her.

Then she was having to spin away from the blond as those sticks came way too close to connecting.


"Don't get me wrong-- I can appreciate the do-goody route for entertainment-- Even tried it myself. Briefly." This guy was good. Even as he kept up a stream of chatter, he fended off everything she threw at him with either the eskrima or powerful kicks, keeping punches and TK-thrown objects from connecting.

"What happened? Not enough fan mail?" Dinah asked, diving for the floor and getting behind the sofa. Fisher had stayed in his chair, looking terrified of being caught in the crossfire of the fistfight.

"Didn't take. Name's Savant." And he was way too cheerful about that.

Black Canary

"So the suicide note? Fake?" Dinah had time to ask before Savant kicked her half-way across the room. She coughed, breathless, and seriously starting to consider pulling out the Canary Cry. Even if it brought down the roof, at least these two wouldn't get away.


"I had to see who was messing with my human asset, didn't I? Nice legwork, by the way." Savant's grin was feral. "Extortion is more my racket now. I can't have you compromising that."

Dinah slammed his body sideways toward the couch-- and he went with it, rolling and tucking and coming up to stand on his feet. No no no no--!

"I still think I could take you. But fortunately, we don't have to find out."

Assistant Bad Guy (Creote)

Stars burst behind Dinah's eyes as she was hit from behind, and she staggered. Then was caught by arms like tree trunks around her chest, squeezing the breath out of her. The other guy, she'd lost track of him, and now she was paying for it...


"Because I don't mind cheating," Savant concluded, as one of his bodybuilder buddy's arms tightened around her throat. "Hold her steady for me, Creote."

Savant had now switched his grip on the eskrima , winding it up like a bat. Panic was making Dinah fight even harder, but damnit, Creote was about the size of three of her--

"Your partner is going to be very profitable to me, Canary. By the end of the night, Oracle will be working for me." He grinned. "And I have you to thank."

Black Canary

He brought the eskrima down across her shins with shattering force.

Don't show fear don't cry don't give them that-- was Dinah's last thought as she passed out.

[ooc: WARNING: For canon-level violence, and threats of suicide.
Thanks to bearmaidenfair for beta'ing, and Ana's Happy Preplay Coder for the template.
Characters, plot (and some dialogue) taken from Birds of Prey comic #56, "Of Like Minds" by Gail Simone.
To Be Continued!. ]