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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Gotham University Stadium and the Clocktower; New Gotham City; Saturday
12 PM

[Due to security concerns, the commencement will be held at the stadium this year for all colleges.]


Please Join Us for a Graduation Party!
at the home of
Dinah Laurel Lance

Saturday, May 10, 2014

To celebrate her graduation from
Gotham University
with the
Class of 2014

[ooc: Invites went out to all her friends! So if you want to attend either the graduation ceremony or the party, feel free, and people can stay overnight at the Clocktower.]

Re: The party at the Clocktower

Dinah frowned in confusion, then her eyes widened, horrified.

Tackle-hug! So much tackle-hug!

"Okay Jono let's go talk to other people and I'll get some more cake and you need to meet Gabby and Barbara I'm gonna get you for this bye!"

Re: The party at the Clocktower

Jono wasn't cackling, but there was a definite air of amusement practically radiating off of him, psionically.

//It was a pleasure meeting you, Barbara! We'll definitely have to touch base again sometime!//

Parties weren't so bad after all, were they?