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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Gotham University Stadium and the Clocktower; New Gotham City; Saturday
12 PM

[Due to security concerns, the commencement will be held at the stadium this year for all colleges.]


Please Join Us for a Graduation Party!
at the home of
Dinah Laurel Lance

Saturday, May 10, 2014

To celebrate her graduation from
Gotham University
with the
Class of 2014

[ooc: Invites went out to all her friends! So if you want to attend either the graduation ceremony or the party, feel free, and people can stay overnight at the Clocktower.]

Re: The party at the Clocktower

"All we can do," Barbara agreed. Dinah had slipped around her chair to hug her, and rest her head on top of Barbara's, earning her a fond and eye-rolling grin upward. "And celebrate the wins, of course. Like graduation." She gave Jono an assessing look. "But if you do want to talk about it, or need a place to get away-- the Clocktower is always open to Dinah's friends."

"Although it also means she'll go all Big Sister on you and have cameras follow what you get up to while you're here," Dinah added.

"Oh!" Barbara's face lit up with mischief. For just a second, they really did look related. "I have the videos of you and Momoko to show everyone!"


Re: The party at the Clocktower

Ooh! A topic change! Jono was going to cling to that! Desperately!

//Videos? What sort of videos might those be?//

He might even take Barbara up on that invitation. But for the time being, this was a party, and he had no place bringing it down with talk of war, did he?

Re: The party at the Clocktower

"You can't show those!"

"It'll either be here, or your wedding. If you ever get married." Dinah hid her face in Barbara's hair, as Barbara hit a few controls on her chair, grinning.

Two of the larger screens lit up with Dinah and Momoko. Dancing around a streetlight. Singing competing versions of Don't Stop Believing.

"Oh, god..."

"I don't condone underage drinking," Barbara said cheerfully. "But I let Dinah make her own mistakes. Including dancing and drinking where I could record it. Anywhere in New Gotham."

Re: The party at the Clocktower

Jono wasn't laughing! He wasn't!

Because laughing was hard. But he was standing there and watching intently, arms crossed in front of him, a glimmer of amusement in his eye.

//Really, if you know there are cameras on you, it's your own fault when somebody turns around and, say, puts it on a big screen for all of your friends to see.//

Re: The party at the Clocktower

"We were drunk! I forgot. And I underestimated Barbara's evil," Dinah complained.

Helena swung by again for two seconds. "Didn't Momoko wake up under your bed that time? Wrapped up in toilet paper? With flowers all over you like your were dead? It's too bad Barbara doesn't have pictures of that, too."

Exit stage right, zinger delivered.

"Thanks, Helena!" Dinah called after her, then poked Jono in the side. "Quit iiiit. I can tell you think my pain was funny." She sighed. "I've learned better."

Another Look from Barbara.

"Don't you dare show the video of the time we went out drinking like this with Karla."

Barbara grinned wider, and said to Jonothan, "I had no idea when we adopted her how amusing having a teenager around would be. Do you want me to send you a copy of the highlights of the second one?"

Re: The party at the Clocktower

//Barbara, luv, I would pay you for a copy of that footage. Dare I ask who all was involved that time? I know for a fact that Lucivar would like a chance to lau -- er -- see that one.//

Jono, you were a telepath. You didn't do 'slips of the tongue.'

Re: The party at the Clocktower

"I hate you both so much," Dinah informed them, glumly consoling herself with cake. "Not Lucivar, aaagh, noooo!"

Barbara hit a few buttons on her chair and grinned. "Dinah, Momoko, and Karla. At various bars. With a great many shots. 'When sempai says drink, we drink,'" Barbara quoted back to him, giving Dinah a sly smile. "Give me your email address and I'll send it right now."

Dinah was still grumbling.

"I don't suppose you have any really good stories from the Island or Glacia that I haven't heard before?" Barbara asked hopefully.

MEEP said Dinah's expression.

Re: The party at the Clocktower

Oh, Dinah. Dinah, you were doomed, weren't you?

//Well, I wasn't there myself, but there was this one time, at the hot spring...//

Now would be a good time to tackle him, wouldn't it? It was fascinating, some of the stories that Warren had been willing to share during some downtime at the war camps in Glacia.

Re: The party at the Clocktower

Dinah frowned in confusion, then her eyes widened, horrified.

Tackle-hug! So much tackle-hug!

"Okay Jono let's go talk to other people and I'll get some more cake and you need to meet Gabby and Barbara I'm gonna get you for this bye!"

Re: The party at the Clocktower

Jono wasn't cackling, but there was a definite air of amusement practically radiating off of him, psionically.

//It was a pleasure meeting you, Barbara! We'll definitely have to touch base again sometime!//

Parties weren't so bad after all, were they?