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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Gotham University Stadium and the Clocktower; New Gotham City; Saturday
12 PM

[Due to security concerns, the commencement will be held at the stadium this year for all colleges.]


Please Join Us for a Graduation Party!
at the home of
Dinah Laurel Lance

Saturday, May 10, 2014

To celebrate her graduation from
Gotham University
with the
Class of 2014

[ooc: Invites went out to all her friends! So if you want to attend either the graduation ceremony or the party, feel free, and people can stay overnight at the Clocktower.]

Re: The party at the Clocktower

Dinah bit into the peppery-vinegary crunchy wonderfulness of the chicken wing, and concentrated hard on savoring every bite of it so Jono could get a taste. Chased by the avocado eggroll, it really was one of Alfred's Top Five concoctions.

"Awww, thanks. And yeah. The hauling boxes... thing." Dinah grimaced. "Especially since it'll be in the middle of summer, and half my study group will either be working or out of town, if this happens in July like it might." She grinned then. "You want to go crimefighting with us some night? Yay!"

Re: The party at the Clocktower

//Yay. Though I don't have a costume handy that isn't utterly ridiculous... I don't really fit my more recent ones anymore. Lost a few pounds since my Decibel days.//

Which left him with his old X-Men garb. Or, worse, the ketchup and mustard uniforms that Emma had one outfitted him in for Generation X.

//... Boxes are easy, at least.//

Re: The party at the Clocktower

"Barbara could probably fabricate something for you," Dinah offered. "If you let her use the body-scanner on you. Something black, maybe?" She grinned. "IT's a theme in New Gotham. With really cool boots?"

Re: The party at the Clocktower

//Really, Dinah. Don't you know that black isn't my colour?//

If it wasn't obvious that he was teasing, you probably had never met Jono before.

//Only, er... Body scanner?//

Sounded a little sketchy.

Re: The party at the Clocktower

Barbara had a lot of stuff that sounded that way, that baiscally came down to in this case to, "Large X-ray scanner. For some of the stuff we find that we don't know what it is." She grinned. "I wanted you to meet Barbara and Helena anyway, so, let's go say hi."

Barbara looked up as they approached, turning her chair a little more towards them. "Barbara, this is Jonothan Starsmore, Jono. Jono, my big sister and person who I owe any good study habits that let me graduate to, Barbara Gordon."

Re: The party at the Clocktower

//It's a pleasure,// Jono said, offering Barbara a hand to shake. //Anybody who can keep this one on the straight and narrow deserves nothing shy of an award.//

That was said with a fond look in Dinah's direction. As tentative as he still was about the idea of being scanned, he could still muster up the energy to be a big-brotherly nibshit at Dinah's party. That was just how he rolled.

They would be discussing just how he felt about people taking pictures of his demolished chest cavity later, though.

Re: The party at the Clocktower

Barbara smiled at him and shook his hand. "It's a pleasure to meet you. I've heard a good bit about you from Dinah over the years. I'm especially glad you've recovered after last year in Glacia." She was trying not to snicker at Dinah's eyeroll on Jono's commentary. "It was touch or go a couple times. We were pretty sure she was okay when she didn't run off with the circus last time they were in town."

"I was sixteen! Shush!"

Re: The party at the Clocktower

Jono was going to behave himself, and refrain from pointing out that it was difficult to carry poison around in your lungs if you actually didn't have any anymore. See? Being good!

//Sixteen? The circus really needs to visit more often,// he quipped. //Though I have to admit, I'm not the best role model in that regard. I've been tempted a time or two, myself.//

Unfortunately, he'd probably end up a sideshow act, meant for gawking and pointing at, which didn't sit so well with him for whatever reason.

//Unfortunately, being a cat owner didn't properly prepare me for a life of lion taming, so I've been forced to re-think my career goals.//

Re: The party at the Clocktower

"They never visited Opal," Dinah grumbled, turning pink. "And it was Cirque de Soleil, come on! Anyone would want to join that."

Camille wandered through and wound herself around Jono's legs about then, then sat on his feet, staring at him. Beaming waves of FEED ME at him.

"We're really, really proud of her," Barbara said, smile softening as she looked at Dinah. "And if you'd taken another year to finish, or taken it off, it wouldn't have mattered, you know. But," she added, looking at Jono, expression very deadpan, "Sometimes she's stubborn. And sometimes she's asleep."

Re: The party at the Clocktower

//And sometimes she's a little bit of both at the same time,// Jono agreed, crouching down a little to let the cat sniff at his fingers. Because... cats. //She's done a lot of growing since we were both in school together. I'm proud of her, too.//

From the standpoint of somewhat older friend who used to be the same age, and all. And from the standpoint of comrade-in-arms, of someone who had fought and won the same war.

Re: The party at the Clocktower

Camille deigned to lick his fingers and rub her face against them, because her subjects deserved appreciation. Also he smelled interestingly of fire, so.

"You guyssss," Dinah groaned, turning even pinker.

"No, you have to put up with this, it's your graduation day," Barbara told her. She smiled at Jono. "As long as she stops getting any taller, so we don't have to modify her uniform again, she can grow as much as she wants. I still say it would be fine for you to move back in here," she added to Dinah, in tones of resignation that Dinah didn't agree. "We'd love to have you back here, you know."

"I know. I just..." Yeah. Wanted to try and prove she was a full adult now.

Barbara shook her head, then smiled at Jono. "So you're teaching, and Dinah said you were managing the music store on the Island. You're not in Glacia full-time?"

Re: The party at the Clocktower

//Not at the moment, no,// Jono replied, and my, scratching the cat behind the ears was terribly fascinating, now. //I'm not going to go so far as to call it shellshock, but it's been... difficult, going back there. I'm working up to full-time, but...//

He shrugged.

//I visit when I can. But I'm a soldier at heart, not really suited for entertaining Glacian aristos at parties, I'm afraid.//

Re: The party at the Clocktower

Helena wandered by at that point, and snorted as she handed Dinah another slice of cake. "Nobody worthwhile is." She gave Jono an approving look, she and Camille shared a Look of Cat People Who Get it, and then she wandered off again.

"That was Helena," Barbara said, continuing with the deadpan. "She doesn't do manners. And doesn't get why that bothers anyone." She blew out a breath, then looked down at her chair. "And I get shell-shock." She looked back at Jono. "It gets better."

Re: The party at the Clocktower

Jono would have frowned a little as he realized just what that look at her chair and that statement meant, if not for the obvious technical difficulty. Instead, he just nodded a little, giving Camille a pet for good measure before standing up again.

//So I've been told,// he offered. And then shrugged. //I'm acutely aware that I've got a duty in Glacia that I've been more or less blowing off for a while now. Karla's been all too forgiving of my being away, all things considered. But... I'm trying. It's a work in progress.//

It was rare, when Jono could say that and actually mean it.

Re: The party at the Clocktower

"All we can do," Barbara agreed. Dinah had slipped around her chair to hug her, and rest her head on top of Barbara's, earning her a fond and eye-rolling grin upward. "And celebrate the wins, of course. Like graduation." She gave Jono an assessing look. "But if you do want to talk about it, or need a place to get away-- the Clocktower is always open to Dinah's friends."

"Although it also means she'll go all Big Sister on you and have cameras follow what you get up to while you're here," Dinah added.

"Oh!" Barbara's face lit up with mischief. For just a second, they really did look related. "I have the videos of you and Momoko to show everyone!"


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