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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Gotham University Stadium and the Clocktower; New Gotham City; Saturday
12 PM

[Due to security concerns, the commencement will be held at the stadium this year for all colleges.]


Please Join Us for a Graduation Party!
at the home of
Dinah Laurel Lance

Saturday, May 10, 2014

To celebrate her graduation from
Gotham University
with the
Class of 2014

[ooc: Invites went out to all her friends! So if you want to attend either the graduation ceremony or the party, feel free, and people can stay overnight at the Clocktower.]

Re: The party at the Clocktower

"Zhe does," Barbara said, peering closer in order to marvel. "And a lovely singing voice."

Helena wandered over, watching, then grinned. "I want the shoes."

Re: The party at the Clocktower

"Holy crap," Priestly said. He leaned closer to the screen. "I mean, this totally isn't my music, but that is one hell of a look."

Re: The party at the Clocktower

"It's actually kind of appealing," Helena mused.

"What?" Jesse wrapped an arm around her waist, not really looking worried. "You got a thing for guys with beards?"


"Priestly, stay on your side of Barbara."

Barbara shook her head and smiled at Priestly. "It's very gender-neutral without being neutral at all. Gender-inclusive?" She nodded to herself. "That."

Re: The party at the Clocktower

Priestly was actually too busy watching the performance to notice Helena saying she liked beards.

It was a hell of a look.

"Why don't we have something this cool in America?"

Re: The party at the Clocktower

"Well there are drag queens," Barbara pointed out. "But I suspect that some states would refuse to participate if we held this kind of contest here."

"Also, Canada would totally win if it were the entire continent," Helena had to agree.

Re: The party at the Clocktower

"I dunno," Priestly mused. "Mexico can rock out. And if we included the Caribbean?"

Re: The party at the Clocktower

Gabby chimed in. "See, now them, I'd put money on. They know how to get the party going. And that's really what the point of this is, isn't it? One big party of crazy."

Re: The party at the Clocktower

"And beards."