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Pool cue
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Shakespeare's (and Dinah's) birthday, New Gotham
6AM: Morning Run through Robinson Park
8AM: Financial Malfeasance, and tracking it
10 AM: Jurisdictional Issues and how to get around them
12 PM: Study group at Wired with Gabby, Josh, Tess, and Mickey
2PM : Keys & Frame, surveillance of stupid embezzler until 7pm
7:30 PM: Hit Curb Stomp with Lisa, show her how to defend herself
10 PM: Patrol with Helena

Happy Birthday to Dinah! Somewhere in there, she was having cake, damnit.

And reciting a sonnet at the NML open mike at Gibson's insistence.

[open for phone calls, texts, etc. for the birthday girl! Can't believe she's 22. ]

Raven wasn't going to let Dinah's birthday pass unnoticed.

Ring, ring!

Dinah grinned when she heard the Witchy Woman ring tone, and answered, "Hey, you! Happy Shakespeare Day!"

"Shakespeare Day?" Raven said, confused for a moment. "I was calling because it is your birthday."

"It issss!" Dinah sang out, beaming up at the skyscrapers above her. "It's both! Thank you! I'm 22! Can you believe it? How are you, how's Glacia, I wish you were here!"

[thought this posted, nnngh!]

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"Happy birthday!" Raven said, flopping down on her bed. "I think I am 22 now as well, but that is only because I have spent more time in Glacia than you. It is hard to keep track sometimes. Glacia has been quiet. There has not been much going on."

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Jaime considered sending Dinah a text message, but that wasn't really enough. So he stepped outside, into the back yard, and laid back on the picnic table to look up at the stars while listening to the ringing coming through his phone.

The Mighty Mouse theme came over Dinah's phone, and she grinned.

"Hola, dude!"

"Did you get an ice cream cake?" Jaime asked with a grin instead of giving a proper greeting.

"I'm going to! For my party at No Man's Land!" Dinah did a little dance in the middle of the sidewalk. "But Priestly sent me cupcakes 'til then!"

Three of which she'd eaten already. WHEEEE SUGAR!

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Why does that list not include 'open the box from Momoko? Eh?

There better be a good answer because Momoko was calling to see how Dinah liked the two gifts she'd sent.

Because she was waiting for Momo to call. DUH.

"Can I open them now?!"

"Ohmygosh!!! How have you waited this long?!"

That was a yes.

"'Cause I was sure you were going to call earlier!" Dinah was already ripping off the paper one one. Then laughing with glee. "TOE SHOES! I LOVE THESE!"

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No call or text, but Dinah did at least get a present, hand-delivered by messenger.

Awkwardness aside, Priestly wasn't going to let his best friend's birthday go by uncelebrated.

Inside, she would find a "Fancy Adult Kit", including coasters, monogrammed handkerchiefs (with miscellaneous amusingly inaccurate monograms), a lovely, fancy pen, a monocle, a collection of alcoholic chocolates, and of course, an appropriately fancy box of homemade cupcakes.

No sexy jokes this year. It might be awhile before Priestly felt up to sending her lingerie again.

Dinah picked up the package on the way to her self-defense appointment, and had to bounce and share with Lisa and a couple other people. The cupcakes. Not the chocolates, nom nom nom. NOM.

Then she stopped to text.