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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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'Dite's Suite at the Arms, Sunday afternoon
There was chocolate, there was alcohol, there was chocolate flavored alcohol, alcohol-flavored chocolate, ice cream, and oh yes, pirate movies on the big-screen TV. All the makings of a girly afternoon.

"Okay, Raven. Was that massive flirtage happening at the party last night, or am I blind and crazy?"

[for the ladies invited, and some threads may become NFB, will be marked as such.]

Raven blinked innocently.

"I am not certain what you are talking about," she said as she reached for a chocolate.

Dinah pointed at her, grinning. "I'm talking about all the drinking and sexy looking at Jono. And whatever else I couldn't pick up on 'cause I'm not an empath or a telepath and you guys are each!"

Raven nibbled on the chocolate, trying to hide her grin. "We are friends," she said. "Are friends not allowed to flirt?"

"Yeeeeah," Dinah agreed. Even though the ex's angle might make it weird. "Flirting is fun. And good. I'm just asking how much flirting? And yes! Confirmed flirtation!"

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"Don't even pull that," Karla said, tossing a chocolate at Raven's chakra. "I saw you two teleport out of the Nest. You know purple smoke isn't exactly inconspicuous, right?"

Karla was...reserving judgment for right now. Until she had a chance to touch base with both of them and make sure they were okay.

Hey! No chocolate on the chakra!

"I was in a hurry," Raven said, batting her eyes. "Walking to the hotel would take too long."

"Mmmmhmmm, Little Lady I Don't Know What You're Talking about. Liiiies."

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"So, I got some last night, and Raven got some last night, and Momoko--okay, I don't know if Momoko's getting any, but she and Jaime went home together, so that just leaves you, sis," Karla said, pointing at Dinah. "Have you run into Bow-boy recently or anything? Dish."

Dinah snorted, then had to stop to think back. "Last time I saw him was-- the end of February." Before everything got deeply weird. "Which, my fault, not his, and... I should go to Starling City."

Or not. Was it worth pursuing him, when she kept flaking out?

"He hasn't been back to Gotham recently?" Karla asked, popping a champagne-filled chocolate into her mouth. "Then why not? Make a weekend of it or something. Go visit, take in the sights, shop a little, then be smoking hot in leather on a rooftop somewhere."

Dinah snickered. "That does sound like a plan. Or at least an idea. Gah. For after graduation, probably... Although if I get a job, that might be a good way to celebrate too." She TK'd another chocolate to herself, and said, "I should at least give it a real chance, or see if he wants to. Or maybe just have fun that goes beyond first-second base."

It's hard to really get to second when you're wearing kevlar.

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Momoko came back from the kitchen with yet another large sundae and plopped down in front of the TV with a sigh. "Are there cyborg pirates, yet?"

Dinah snickered and handed over another chocolate. "Not yet. I promise they're coming up soon, though."

What? There could be! And hook hands count, right?

"So you know, I don't know how things with you and Jaime are lately."

Oooh. Thank you for the spoon, Dinah!

"How things are?" She scooped up some of her sundae with the chocolate. "What do you mean?"

"We want all the down and dirty details!" Karla giggled.

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