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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Fire Escape, MHA Apartments, Wednesday evening
Work had been fine today. Dinah had another six months before her internship hopefully ended in a job interview and a more permanent placement at Baltimore Social Services. So she'd had not very much to occupy her mind after yesterday's talk with Jack and the realization she might not be where she was supposed to be.

A beer and a view of the bay, and maybe she could figure out how to solve this. Somehow.

[ooc: open for phone calls or other residents of Malchanceux Harris Apartments]

Sure Dinah was due to visit soon, but since when did that stop BFFs from calling?

*ring ring* Dinah!

"Hey, Momoko." Dinah took a sip of her beer, and leaned back against the steps to the roof.

"Ah..." Momoko blinked a moment. "Hey! Wow. You sound totally relaxed!"

"Do I?" Mostly to herself she sounded kind of down and depressed. Dinah thumbed at the label on the beer bottle, and said, "Well, that's what a long work day does to you."

Did Momoko remember her? Or the other girl?

"Awww." Momoko sank back in her beanbag and smiled. "Did the bosses stick the apprentice with all the paperwork while they went off on some interesting case?" That would explain the lack of hyper in Dinah's voice and attitude.

Dinah closed her eyes, and grimaced. "Intern." She took a breath. "What kind of case was I working on, last time we talked?"

"Intern... apprentice... junior," Momoko pffted, waving a hand. "And the last time we talked you weren't on a case, you were telling me about making out with Arrow and coming to visit me for Spring Break. Which I am totally stocking up for, by the way."

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"You should probably un-stock. I'm not coming." Dinah took another sip, and then just ripped the band-aid off. "I'm not your Dinah."

Guess which part Momoko heard?

"YOU'RE NOT COMING?!?!" Momoko managed to whine at that volume, yes. "Whyyyyyyy? Dinah!"

"Did you not hear me?" Dinah asked, exasperated. "You haven't changed. And I have work! Tomorrow, and Friday, and - and you haven't even met me. This me."

Jeez, if this how Sheba had felt, it sucked.

"You said you had the time off! What do you mean I havent met you? Diiinah? I got tickets to that concert!"

Momoko was so stubborn.

"Momoko? What's my last name?"

"Lance?" Momoko frowned. "What does that have to do with anything?"

Dinah flinched. "It isn't, though. It's Redmond. It's been Redmond for a long time." She took another swallow of her beer, and put the bottle down on the step. "The Island did something. And I'm not the Dinah that's a detective in Gotham. I'm the Dinah who's a social worker in Baltimore."

"Oh! Ah. I'm sorry! Ms Redmond... oh wow. I must have misdialed. So sorry!" And with that, Momoko disconnected the line...

And then tried again, this time manuallly dialing Dinah's number.

*ring ring REAL Dinah*

Wait... hadn't that other person actually called her by name?

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