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New Gotham
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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The roofs of New Gotham, Thursday evening
So, Priestly was still Sheba. Karla, Warren, and Raven were apparently incommunicado (like that wasn't insanely worrying). And Dinah had 64 days until graduation to find a real job, because Keys & Frame weren't going to be able to pay her a real, non-intern wage. They just didn't have the money. Some things in life were sucking a lot.

On the other hand.... Green Arrow was in town. Annnd he didn't mind that she hadn't shown up in Starling City to look him up.

Beating up bad guys together really did make for an awesome date.

[ooc: mostly establishy/link-dropping, but open for phone calls/texts.]

Momoko stared at the bus as it turned the corner. Without her. Great. She had a twenty minute wait until the next one came by that went anywhere near her apartment.

She lugged her things to the bus shelter and dropped onto the bench with a loud sigh, then pulled out her phone and dialed her BFF.

*ring* Dinah. Someone is bored and slightly irritated at herself.

Dinah was back home by now, icing up bruises on her knees and ankles, and grateful again for TK, since it meant she didn't have to get up to get her phone.

"Hey, you. How goes El Paso and points south?"

"About twenty miles an hour and without me," Momoko pouted. "I spent too long shopping after classes and work and now I've missed my bus home."

"I'm waiting for the next one. Other than that, not much. I'm still a girl and still me. How about you and New Gotham?"

"Thankfully, both those are still true here too." Dinah winced and re-adjusted an icepack. "Got a little banged up tonight, taking out some muggers... but, uh. It was fun." She grinned. "Arrow was visiting."

"You went after muggers? Are you taking it easy? On break or something?" Momoko settled back, chuckling. "Ooh? Arrow... so was it a date?"

"Yeah, I think it was." Dinah grinned and said, "Spring Break starts next week, I was hoping I could come visit you guys, if that's okay?... Arrow came to follow up on one of his bad guys. So. I helped." She paused. "And there might have been some making out afterward."

"SURE!" Momoko practicaly bounced at the idea. "You totally have to come! And the timing is PERFECT! My spring break is the tenth through the sixteenth! I was just going to work and maybe try to convince Jaime to go for a drive into the desert or something."

"Cool, cool." Dinah sighed. "Any help with figuring out some job-hunting would help too. My bosses told me they can't afford to pay me a full wage after I graduate, so I'll be looking again."

"Well, you could do what I did and foil a robbery?" Momoko thought for a moment. "How long do you have to be an apprentice before you can be a full-time detective?"

"Eighteen months more," Dinah said glumly. "So, September. Next year." She sighed. "I mean, I could keep working for them as an intern. And I might have to. But I'd really like a job that pays something."

"Tell me about it," Momoko rolled her eyes. "I totally don't get enough Oracle jobs. Ooh! It would be weird to introduce you to her, wouldn't it? Though you probably don't want to be coming here for days at a time just for work."

"I'd love to meet her," Dinah admitted. "And you know a short job would be fun for me. Especially since it's not my world... although, I guess I'd better just go by Canary, since Jaime's world already has a Black Canary."

"Or a whole new name? That could be fun! I'd love to see you take her on; she's worse than Ms Helena!" Momoko chuckled. "You now, all this time and I still don't know if there's a me here or not."

"Hunh. She'd be in Japan, right? Would you -- another you-- be at the police academy, maybe?"

"Maybe? Unless she didn't passed her high school exams either. I didn't really want to be a police officer until I got to Fandom."

"So what would you want to do? Or be? I know you wanted to be a hero... maybe you're making mecha?"

Momoko's laughter was amost hysterical.

"Oh Dinah. Have you even seen me try to build something?"

"Nope!" Dinah grinned. "So I guess Other You could be doing anything, anywhere, hunh?"

"There's totaly a reason for that, believe me! I was banned from helping with the Lab's Christmas tree for years!" Momoko had to take a minute to try and breathe again.

"If she's anything like me, she's probably somewhere out there trying to be a hero. I should hire you to investigate and see!"

"And I would do it, if I were in your world," Dinah told her, grinning. "So hey, maybe I'll look around when I'm there!"

"See? BFF already got you your first big case!"