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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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New Gotham, Gloriana's Hotel, the bar, Saturday evening
Okay, so Dinah had finally found part of her job she did not like: playing 'bait' for possibly wandering husbands. Among other things, the client's husband had yet to show up, so she was boooooored. And intermittently getting hit on by suited guys twice her age was only fun for the rejections she could give.

Anyone out there? Got a good 'buzz off creep' line for someone who claims he knows I'm a model?

[open for phone calls and texts, especially for wee tiny people!]

Someone had managed to snag his pop's cell phone.

u shuld go 4 it thts a gud line

Pfftt! It's a terrible line! I was a model for a week!

And those photos are no longer on the internet!

Whatcha up to, Sous?

Sous? Why did Aunt Dinah have a weird nickname for Pop?

whats a gud line then? asking 4 a friend

Because in some world they were BFF's! Including this one. She's be sad to know if that wasn't the case in Bishop's.

Dinah raised her eyebrow at that reply, and at the netspeak spelling. Was he in the middle of cooking while he texted?

Are you cooking something?

And what *kind* of friend, hmmm? Girl friend? Guy friend?

Aunt Dinah wasn't supposed to give people nicknames. She was supposed to be the weird sexy lady who lived in the noir universe.

cant have a girl/guyfriend i have a partner duh

Aunt Dinah should totally know about Pop and Dad. It didn't actually occur to Bishop that they might not be together here. They lived together in a loft, come on.

...wait, what?

Since when?! You didn't invite me to anything! Commitment ceremony or wedding or whatever! Tell! Details!... wait, is this like last weekend and the diamond mines?

In which case, that would make Dinah his partner, and he was messing with her. Or maybe he'd gotten married this week?


Wow, old people typed a lot when they texted.

i dunno 4ever? we live 2gether

Dinah stared at her phone, completely ignoring the guy trying to get her attention two bar stools away.

...are you talking about DEAN?

Now I know you're messing with me.

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And now Dinah's phone was ringing with Jaime's ringtone. Better aaaaanswer.

Yeah, because when HEEERE WE COME TO SAVE THE DAAAAY blares out in a high-toned bar, it sometimes get you odd looks.

Dinah answered the phone and said, "Hey, BB!"

"Tia Dinah!" an excited voice responded. "Hi! Poppa said I could call since we're on a sort of 'cation."

Dinah blinked, then grinned wide, getting up to pace around the lobby. "Hi, hon! I'm so glad to hear from you!" Even if she had no idea what your name was, kiddo. "What are you and your Poppa doing? Are you on the island?"

"Uh huh. He wasn't even mad when I told him how I accidentally got there, either."

"Accidentally?" Dinah questioned. "You fell in a portal, maybe, hmmm?"

"I didn't see it there!" Natalia agreed. "And so poppa brought me a jacket since it's colder here than home."

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