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What are *you* looking at?
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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An abandoned apartment across from the Jupiter Hotel, Thursday evening
The fifth floor walk-up was empty except for a few chairs, a card table, listening equipment, a GPS tracker, three sets of long-distance photo set-ups, two video recorders, and a Priestly with a pizza tree pan.

Okay, and Dinah, nibbling on one of the pizzas and saying, "Go Fish."

[ooc: for the guy in question, but open for phone calls (possibly not to be returned immediately).]

"Modern media has given me a skewed idea of what a stakeout looks like," Priestly said, pulling a card from the center pile. "I'm pretty sure we're supposed to be snarking in a black SUV. Possibly with an unconventionally hot tech girl back at homebase over comms."

"No, that's my other work life, financed by the Wayne Foundation and a guy who thought he was James Bund," Dinah said, adding, "I'm telling Barbara you called her hot, by the way." She swallowed a bite of pizza and checked out the window, then grinned. "I am really glad you're here, since the merry couple is so damn late."

"Please, like Barbara doesn't know she's hot." Priestly shook his head. "You actually do this stuff alone? What if you get bored? It's not like you can read a book."

"Half the times I've been on stakeouts before, I had Helena on comms, or two minutes away," Dinah admitted. "...or I wound up texting Momoko." Because seriously, some of those cold, wet stakeouts had been altogether futile. "Although, I'm feeling kind of happy that Nikki and Peter trusted me with this. Even if they did all the ground work for it. Still!"

"That's pretty damn good," Priestly agreed. "You haven't been working with them that long, yet."

"Nope. Three weeks, now." Dinah bounced in her seat, grinning. "Even if they aren't paying me much. That's not why I took the job." She stopped to adjust one of the cameras, and checked the time. "They should be here in the next hour. Or at least, she should be. Maybe she's checking into the hotel just to get away from her husband... Got any threes?"

"So no potential ID for the dirty mistress?" Priestly asked, pulling a three from his hand and offering it over. "Mistress in this case being a fill in for the fact that I couldn't think of a non-gendered term."

"Nope. Thank you!" Dinah rearranged her cards and explained, "Nikki used the GPS to trace the possibly-adulterous-wife here two weeks in a row, so she should be here. But the other adulterer... cheater? Lover. Whatever, they haven't been spotted yet." She looked a little wistful. "If we were using Barbara's equipment this would be so much easier, but so much less legal."

"You'd think that a city like New Gotham would have some sort of vigilante loophole or something."

"Only when we're working with the police." Dinah pouted at that, kicking one foot up on the extra chair, and putting down four cards. "But then again, we're not looking to convict anyone. Hopefully. Just collect evidence." She leaned over to put her eye to the telephoto lens again, then stopped. "Ooo, I think maybe--"

"Maybe? Don't keep me in suspense, here." Priestly would go over to try and look, too, but already knew from experience tonight that that telephoto lens was only big enough for one at a time -- and this was Dinah's glory.

"Cab with married brunette, arriving!" Dinah bounced jubilantly, then pointed down to the street. "So we've got one of our players now! And we can start looking for her partner."

"How are we going to know it's the right person?"

"Well, there can't be too many people showing up after her. Or well, right after her." Dinah hummed. "And we have the audio to eavesdrop, too. Even if we can't use it in court." She adjusted the parabolic mike. "And if I can find out what room she's in first, that'll help..." There were various staticky sounds from the receiver, and then faint overlaid voices. Dinah swung the mike back and forth, trying to get a better read on the conversation.

"Same as usual, Ms. Smith?" came through loud and clear.

"Maybe it's the motel manager," Priestly said, because rampant speculation was fun. "Or someone else who's already there."

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