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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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The Clocktower, New Gotham City
So Dinah's new job was going well. Nikki and Peter had agreed to let her do some skip-tracing on the computer, and shadow them on a few other cases. So far, it was completely confirming her hope that private investigation was the job for her. Even the slow parts were interesting.

Granted, her irregular hours had been even *more* irregular lately, which was why she was crashing at the Tower this morning, instead of back at the apartment.

Also, there were waffles to be cajoled out of Alfred.

[ooc: expecting someone, but open for phone calls/texts.]

And there was a sad little *knockknockknock*ing at the Clocktower door.

It was amazing how much emotion could be packed into the sound of knuckles on wood.

Dinah had been curled up in her fuzzy pajamas on the couch with her netbook, so she called, "I got it!" While wondering who the heck that could be, bumping against the door like an abandoned chipmunk out in the cold.

And look, it was her favorite chipmunk. "Priestly?" She held the door open wider, blinking sleepily. "C'mon in, and... wait, why are you here?"

"There are vending machines full of guns all over Fandom," Priestly said. "It seemed like a good idea to not be there for a little while."

HUGE eyes. And then a hug. "You are so smart!"

And here he'd been worried he was being cowardly.

Priestly hugged back. "I couldn't remember how to get to your apartment and didn't want to get lost in this wacko city," he said. "I figured I'd get Helena to give me a ride or something, but you in pajamas is even better."

Dinah hooted and hugged him harder, then let go and tugged him inside the Clocktower entrance. "Yeah, getting lost and mugged here in New Gotham after avoiding getting shot on the Island would be some kind of irony I don't even want to know about." Also, innuendo with Helena deserved a poke. Also, damn she was glad to see him. "I was up late working on a case. And not thinking about Finals. And thinking that maybe there'd be waffles from Alfred."

"Hey, you don't need any excuse other than Alfred making food," Priestly said. If there was any chef he admired, it was his best friend's surrogate grandfather type. "So the job's good?"

"IT IS SO MUCH FUN." Dinah was bouncing up and down like a five-year-old. "They keep saying I'll get bored with the routine stuff soon, but so far it's running and following people and tracking them on the computer and I love my jooooob!" HUG!

Yeah, there was no way Priestly couldn't beam back at her at that one. "That's awesome! See, I knew you'd find something."

Dinah shut the door finally, and called, "Priestly's here! We need breakfast!" Then turned back to him, grinning. "How long do you want to stay? 'Cause maybe you'll get to meet Nikki and Peter if it's longer than a few days."

The intercom next to them buzzed, and Alfred's voice came through. "I'll make up another omelette then, shall I?"


"I was thinking a week? These things usually last like a week, right?"

"At the outside," Dinah agreed, slinging an arm around him and shuffling toward the kitchen. "Unless it's all of reality being messed with, and I haven't seen any gun ... vending machines? Seriously?... here in New Gotham."

"Seriously. Apparently some of them shoot fire." A beat. "The guns, not the vending machines." Another beat. "Probably."

"Aaaaack." Dinah bumped her hip against his. "I am so glad you got out of there before you died. Again. I'm sorry, but the Island likes to make you suffer, and I've got Finals next week and papers to turn in and I'm just glad you're here and not there. Yeesh."

Alfred was already flipping eggs into fluffy little pockets of deliciousness, peppers and chopped bacon and mushrooms surrounding the pan, ready to be added.

"Welcome back, Master Priestly. Gouda or white Cheddar cheese, or both?"

"Absolutely both," Priestly said. "I knew if I died again, you'd seriously kill me. And honestly, some of the kids up at the school are totally able to handle gun machines. Others . . . not so much."

That was true about the adults, too. Including Priestly.

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