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MiniDinah, MiniDinahballoon, MiniDinahTeddy
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Room 312 - kinda late on Sunday night
A long day of 'venturing, cartoon-watching with friends, making shakes with Tony the awesome babysitter, killing balloons, and playing in a ball-pit with mohawked best friends and mean boys... and Dinah was still awake.

Camille was meowing a little in distress as she was cuddled. Cuddled a lot!

[ooc: for the big Roomie]

Dinah took two gulps of milk, nodding at Chad over the rim of her cup. "I watched cartooooons with Merlin and Momoko and Tamara and Lion-O, and went 'venturing with Tahiri and we didn't get eaten." More milk being drunk, then a huge breath took to say, "And Francine and Ben and Tamara and Blind Seer. And I made ice cream shakes with Tony. With bananas!" More milk, and maybe some blinking, not sleepy, no. "And then, and then I saved Lacey from a scary thing I'm not 'sposed to say, and and and I played in the ball pit. With Priestly! And Stupidhead Arthur." More milk, then a gasp. "It was a Very Good Day. Did you have a good day?"

Chad nodded. "I mostly just played with Teddy. But, man, you were really busy, Dinah!"

"I was! I was," Dinah agreed, taking a cookie and nibbling on it, blinking again. "Teddy's sleepin' in his room? With Galliannnno?"

Chad nodded. "I just tucked him in and he's asleep. I'll probably go up and check on him once you're asleep, too, but you'll probably be up real late, because you're a big girl, right?"

"Uh-hunh," nod nod nod, and knuckle one eye. "I'm five. That's a whole hand. Not like Francine. She's almos' a baby. And Ben. I'm a big, big girl! You gots to check on Teddy. 'Cause he's little and all." Dinah had no idea if he was littler than her. But she was big. So he had to be little.

"He's littler than you are," Chad informed Dinah, figuring she'd like to hear that. "But he might be as big as me one day. You think you'll be as big as me, too?"

That had Dinah breaking into loopy giggles. "Nobody's big as you! Nobody! Not even Santa Claus!" Her whole body rocked when she laughed. "Maybe almost as big as you, maybe? If I drink my milk?"

"And eat your vegetable," Chad reminded her. "But not even Santa Claus? Are you sure? I hear that guy's pretty huge."

"Maybe he's fatter but he can't be bigger. You're big as the ceiling, Chad. You're the biggest!" She grinned up at him, then got another idea. "You could be my new daddy. If Mommy likes you better'n Chuck." She nodded hopefully at him. "You could. Really!"


Chad was going to take a moment to drink his milk and try to think of how to answer that one, because that could just be all kinds of awkward.

"Maybe," he said, "but I wouldn't want to if your Mommy likes Chuck better."

"She's got to meet him first. She's real pretty," Dinah reassured Chad. "And real smart. She works at the ca-sino. Caesar's! They gots soldiers there." Oops, was that a yawn? Take another cookie to cover it up. Dinah gave Chad a wistful look. "She said maybe, someday. Maybe for Christmas, we get a new daddy. Maybe." Then she shrugged, philosophical. "C'n we go to the circus if you don't be my daddy?"

Chad shrugged. "Sure, we can go to the circus," he said, because he really, really doubted that he was going to be Dinah's new daddy. She was more like a sister, really, and, you know, the whole concubine thing, but you couldn't explain that very easily to a five year old.

"Yaaaay! Francine says they have clowns." Dinah was nibbling on her second cookie. But even that infusion of sugar couldn't put off the inevitable much longer. "We can go next week, maybe?" Yaaaaaawwwwn.

"If we can find one," Chad said with a nod, "sure."

Of course, he knew Dinah would probably be back to herself in the morning, but, hey, even if she still wanted to go, it could be kind of fun.

"That," he asked, "wasn't a yawn I saw, was it?"

"Uh-uhh," Dinah said, shaking her head, then bit her lip. "Maaaaybe? A little one?"

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