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MiniDinah, MiniDinahballoon, MiniDinahTeddy
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Room 312 - kinda late on Sunday night
A long day of 'venturing, cartoon-watching with friends, making shakes with Tony the awesome babysitter, killing balloons, and playing in a ball-pit with mohawked best friends and mean boys... and Dinah was still awake.

Camille was meowing a little in distress as she was cuddled. Cuddled a lot!

[ooc: for the big Roomie]

Dinah let go for only a second, and Camille zipped off the bed and hid behind Chad's legs, settling her fur and meowing a complaint of look at this! Can you believe this? Dinah leaned way over to watch, then blinked up at Chad. "She wants a snack," she told him. "Maybe some milk."

And Chad was torn for a second.

"You want me to go get some?" he decided to ask, figuring that Camille just might have to deal with another moment of torture while he was gone.

"Please?" Dinah looked hopeful. "She's thirsty." Because Dinah was thirsty, therefore Camille had to be, right?

Camille, meanwhile, had ducked under Chad's bed, and made for the corner. Dinah turned her head sideways to watch, worried.

"Milk it is," Chad nodded and, as he got up, looked at Dinah thoughtfully.

"Should cookies go with that milk?" he wondered.

Dinah nodded hard, looking even more hopeful. "So the milk doesn't make you hungry?" she offered. Totally believing it when she said it.

"..Exactly," Chad nodded. "Can't have the milk making us hungry, right?"

"Nuh-uh! Then we'll never get to sleep," Dinah agreed. Not that she was sleepy. Yet. That sugar crash would be hitting like a freight train eventually. "You understand, 'cause you're smart, Chad."

And having cookies for bed would be any better, but Chad didn't say anything.

"But it was your idea, Dinah," Chad said. "You're the smart one."

She thought about that a minute, then held out her hands in a pleased shrug. "I am!"

Chad grinned a little, nodding. "So you stay here and keep being all smart while I get some milk and cookies for everyone, okay?"

"Hokay. I'll stay right here." Dinah nodded hard, and settled down on her blanket with her teddy, since Camille wasn't coming out yet.

Maybe that was a yawn. Maybe.

A yawn? Never!

Both amused and fearing for poor Camilla and now the unprotected Prince Oscar Pedro, Chad made sure he was quick in getting the milk and cookies, a few glasses and a saucer for the cats, all nice on a tray that he brought in with him when he returned.

Dinah was engaging in a staring contest with Prince Oscar Pedro, who'd climbed up on top of the dresser to get away from her. "He doesn't blink," Dinah said, shaking her head but not looking away when Chad came back in. "Not at all. At all." She blinked herself, and frowned, then turned around and clapped. "Cookies yay! Thank you for going getting them, Chad."

"You're welcome, Dinah," Chad said, carefully moving to sit on the floor, folding his legs in front of him and setting the tray down in front of him. "And Prince Oscar Pedro blinks. Just not...a lot."

"Then I missed it!" Dinah stared for another minute, then turned to join Chad, folding her legs like his and arranging her skirts nice. Her pretty dress had gotten all messy this weekend, but it was still her pretty dress. Chad was being careful, so she should be careful. She took her cup of milk and toasted Chad with it. "Cheers!"

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