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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Downtown New Gotham, Monday night
"You're hazing me, aren't you?" Dinah was grimacing and looking from Nikki to Peter and back.

"Yes." "No." The partners grinned at each other, and then Peter explained: "Subpoenas are the bread and butter, kid. The little jobs that keep the agency going over time. And if you can't follow the rules on this, it's going to be much, much harder for you to follow them or get around them later."

Nikki handed over a flat electronic check pad, and the paperwork. "The GPS on this is going to log where you were when you served the subpoena, and what time. You have to complete the paperwork right after you serve it. No trespassing, or it's invalid. And it has to be before midnight, or the witness could say we didn't give enough notice. She already knows what both of us look like, so... it'd be great if you could pull this off."

And like that, Dinah was determined to do it. "Time me!"

An hour later, she was trying to figure out how to follow one Sheryl Smith AKA Sheryl Sabatini AKA Sheryl Watson AKA... anyway, into the confines of a secure building. Without tipping her off. Or just climbing the outside wall.

...right, so, working on that now.

Trying to serve notice on a con-woman in a luxury high-rise *without* trespassing. Taking suggestions, guys!

Raven just had to text back.

Does teleporting count as trespassing?

Dinah grinned, but it was rueful as she texted back: Yeah, probably. I've got a GPS tracker that has to line up with not breaking in somewhere.

First assignment: not easy!

So much for that then.

Can you pretend to deliver something to her? I fear I am no help in these matters.

Oooooo. Maybe! Or to someone else in the building? Hmm. Pizza? Flowers! ... Okay, better to say I'm delivering to her, or delivering to someone else? Decisions, decisions, gah!

I have no skills for deception so I cannot help you there. You will not be in danger, will you?

Awww. Hee. That was one of the nice things about Raven, but yeah, not something that helped here.

Nahhh. Non-violent offender, a woman who runs charity scams. Only risk of disappointing my new bosses. I think they think I'm going to fail. Especially with the deadline. But I really want to pull this off.

OK, Raven wouldn't worry. Much.

I wish I could help! But I am sure you will think of something. You are very clever.

It helped to read that, honestly. Dinah was getting more nervous the more she thought about this.

What are you up to? How is Glacia now?

Blessedly free of any attacks. So far at least. There have been visiting aristos seeking Karla's favor. I feel very out of place dealing with them.

'Cause you don't have to suck up?

What? Raven was awesome, and she actually did things. Useful things!

Nobody giving you a hard time?

No, they are all polite, though some keep their distance because I confuse them. Red-jeweled but not blood, demon but not demon-dead.

Others I think try to flatter me so that I will speak well of them to Karla.

Silly Blood. Oy.

And aaaack. I'm sorry. No new Healers there, to compare notes with?

I have been seeking the guidance of some of the Black Widows here. I also spend much of my time in the city and the lands around it, when I am not required to be in attendance to Karla. There is still healing to be done.

There would be for awhile.

That actually sounds cool. I'd like to do that, next time I'm there.

How are the people around Sidra recovering? Any sign of the Evil Uncle anywhere?

You are welcome to join me anytime.

We have seen no sign of Hobart so far. I suspect he will want to wait until we feel relaxed and comfortable to strike back, but I have little doubt that he will make some attempt.

I remember that future too, yeah. Gah.

Ahahahahahha Momoko and I have been texting too and she thinks I should go in with flowers and candy and act like I'm a secret admirer of this chick!

Raven remembered it, too, and thought about it far too often.

Perhaps that will work. Good luck! And be safe!

Momoko stared at her phone. "Notice... Like a subpoena?"

She reached for the cel and typed a quick: Why can't you just go in the front door?

Dinah typed back: Doorman will probably warn her, and she'll sneak out before I can get to her. I've got 'til midnight! Hmmm. Pizza delivery chick?


Momoko eyerolled at the idea.

What are you wearing?

We get pizza delivered! and okay, they were fighting crime, so....

Normal clothes-- jeans, dark sweater, leather jacket. Can get others, though. Not too far from apt.

YOu live in clocktower, not a luxury apartment. Think rich! What would Ms Helena NOT do.


Maybe say that your friends dared you to get a picture inside?

Dinah squinched down on the bus stop bench down the street from the apartment, keeping her eyes on the building as she typed.

No, still trespassing. Gotta at least get invited in, no matter what I do after that. Damnit.

Rich rich rich CANDY? Flowers? Secret admirer? Lame, cool, Y/N?

ooooooooh! You could have a crush on the person you're serving?

Dinah started cackling, nearly falling off the bench.

EVEN BETTER! If doorman does not believe, will try something else. But this is good!

Momoko smiled, then tapped the table a moment before adding

backup story: you were called to be someone's 'date"? They have those in NG, right?

*snort* Sadly, yes.

Okay, gonna get flower, candy, see how that goes. See if the doorman buys it. If not, will claim I'm lying and embarrassed about escort job.