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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Wayne Manor, New Gotham, Monday
Swift had been visiting since Thursday, and he and Dinah had had a lot of fun exploring New Gotham together-- although he wasn't impressed by the pollution, he did think the parks and beaches were cool. He was taking a portal back to Glacia tonight, so now they were just hanging out on the grounds of Wayne Manor, while Dinah dithered about her first evening of work tonight.

"Do you think they'll have me tailing someone my first night out? Or just making coffee?"

*I think that if they hired you, based on what you told me, then they expect something more than beverage-making,* Swift pointed out.

Dinah took a break to send a mass text: HAVE INTERNSHIP! Am freaking out w/nerves. Swift says hi!

[ooc: if you think you got the message, you did, and open for phone calls/texts back.]


Her shift at the cafe started in two hours, so Momoko was sitting at a corner table with a third plate of the cafe's holiday cheese cake and a stack of books when she got Dinah's text.


YOU GOT A JOB?!?! It's not the big corporate firm is it?

Because she was sure that Dinah would be bored in a DAY there.

Nope! Little firm, five people, two bosses one tech guy one office manager ME!

Which was why Dinah was a tad nervous about that.

Starts tonight! Whatcha doing?

Momoko did a small chair dance.

Studying for finals until my shift starts. Yay science.

That was sarcasm, by the way. She took a picture of herself making a YUCK face, then sent it.

Why are you starting at night tine? Or is it day there?

Dinah showed it to Swift, then took a picture of the two of them, the Manor in the background, and sent that in response.

Awww, sorry, Momo. Gotta happen sometime.

Nope, it's night-- not sure? They won't tell me what the first job is. Just to be ready to work.

"EEEE! HI LORD SWIFT!!!" Momoko's squeals drew attention, but she didn't care.

Hi hi Lord Swift!

You'll be awesome. Wonder if they'll let you trail a suspect? Oooh! Will you have to wear a hat?

You and hats. WUWT? Seriously. That was not all there was to disguise!

Maybe? Would make sense. I could take my bike, keep up w/them??

All the private investigators I know where them!

She knew none. Unless tv counted.

What if the suspect decided to take the train?

Nnngh. Valid point.

Okay, no bike as yet... and oh man, that means they'd want me to follow someone *on* the Metro without being noticed. Or back-up. VERY HARD.

Her employers were being potentially meeeean.

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Freaking out? Well, they couldn't have that.

Dinah's phone rang with whatever Priestly tone it may have.

That would be My Same at the moment, though Dinah had gone through a few different ones for Priestly lately.

"Priiiiestly I'm employed!"

"You are!" Priestly congratulated her. "Is it a paid gig? Why are you freaking out?"

"Not really paid, although they're going to reimburse me for expenses, as long as it's not anything too ridiculous." Dinah got up and bounced down the back steps, wandering over to pet Swift. "I'm freaking out 'cause I start tonight and they're being all mysterious about what my first assignment is, and I really, really don't wanna screw it up."

"What kind of company is this?" Knowing their luck, it was run by the crazy question mark man or something. "What sort of stuff do they do?"

"Really small? But I like them," Dinah confided. "There's two investigators, Nikki and Peter. They've had the company for about five years, after they left the police force. There's an office manager and their tech guru, and then me. They were chasing a guy near No Man's Land right before Thanksgiving, and I caught him for them." She grinned hugely. "So I made a good first impression!"

*As someone who acts on impulse,* Swift pointed out.

"Shush! They hired me, didn't they?"

"Weeeeeeeeeere you arguing with yourself when they did?" Priestly asked. "'Cause that would indeed be one heck of a first impression."

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