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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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New Gotham, Tuesday night outside of No Man's Land

Dinah heard yelling right before she was nearly knocked off the sidewalk by the object of someone's shouting. The two people she was with protested, but Dinah was already taking off after him. Okay, so, it shouldn't be her problem, but why not?

He was fast, give him that. Lithe and skinny and he knew this part of town. Dinah had to use most of her parkour skills to keep up. She could hear two people behind her, trying to catch up as well, but they stayed in her peripheral vision-- a woman and a man, in their thirties, both tall, not wearing cop uniforms.

Up over a fence, down an alley, oh hey, time to climb.... The chase lasted nearly twenty minutes before she managed to tackle and sit on the guy, on top of the roof of the Korean market Gibson liked best. Literally, sit on him, because he kept trying to flail away, and was pounding the rooftop with one fist while she held the other behind his back and twisted it.

The woman's head peeked over the roof as she hauled herself upward, and she walked over to crouch down in front of Dinah's prize.

"Leon Sikorsky, you are going back to jail. You moron." She eyed Dinah and asked, "You okay?"

"Fine," Dinah said cheerfully. "What'd he do?"

The man who'd been behind them pulled himself onto the roof at that point, tumbling downward. "I'm good. I'm good." He waved an arm, then pointed at Dinah's captive. "You are so hosed, you punk."

"You can't send me back!" Leon whined. "I won't last a day inside!"

"After you testify, we'll see about getting you moved to a different prison," the woman promised. "Peter, try not to have a heart attack."

"I'm fine! I'm good. Who's that?" He pointed haphazardly at Dinah.

"A helpful citizen who's faster than either of us."

"Dinah Lance." Dinah beamed at them. "You guys are bail bondsmen?"

"P.I.'s," the guy named Peter said, getting to his feet and getting his breath back with a dirty look at the woman. "And you didn't see us here."

"Except I really did. And so did other people," Dinah pointed out, hauling the guy she'd tackled to his feet. "And if I'm called to court to testify, or reporters ask me, well--"

"We're going to ask you not to talk about that--" The female half of the pair started to say.

"And you can trust me not to! Really. But. You know." Dinah bounced on her toes, then stopped and tried to articulate the idea she'd just had. "If I'm you're employee, then any client confidentiality from your firm applies to me too."

"What?" the pair asked.

It took another fifteen minutes of negotiating, and having to re-tackle Leon when he made a break for it, and then another ten minutes of pleading, but by the end of it, the pair had resigned themselves. Or in the case of Nikki, started laughing at the look on Peter's face and finally saying, "You're hired."

And that was how Dinah met Peter Keys and Nikki Frame, of Keys & Frame Investigating.

[ooc: mostly establishy, but totally open for phone calls/texts. Dinah is now employed!]