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ibook, examination
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Wired, New Gotham, Monday
No classes on Monday meant Dinah could follow up and apply for internships. Some in person, some online, a couple over the phone. Two of them looked promising but were going to have to get back to her in a week or so, after the background checks were done.

So, coffee time at Wired, with her laptop open surfing for more possibilities. And avoiding her history of incarceration paper. She sent out a text: Bored and caffeinated and jobless. How are you guys doing?

[open for phone calls, texts, or IM chat]

"As far as I know, daycares can always use help. But they'll probably run more background checks than the internships are."

"Which they should, because it's even more important," Dinah agreed firmly. "We'll see if they think I'm a good role model after that, I guess. They might turn me down if they think I'd take the kids base-jumping... which I wouldn't."

"They might be a little more likely to object to the whole reporter punching thing," Priestly pointed out. "Not that you'd be teaching kids to punch people, either, but still."

Dinah had to pout a little. "But I can still put you down as a character reference, right?"

"Oh definitely. I'll tell them all about how great you are with our potential future children."

Which got him more giggling, and, "Yeah, if that doesn't convince them, I'm not sure anything will." She opened up her word document again, and said carefully, "We're good, right?"

"Always. Even when we might be awkward about it."