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ibook, examination
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Wired, New Gotham, Monday
No classes on Monday meant Dinah could follow up and apply for internships. Some in person, some online, a couple over the phone. Two of them looked promising but were going to have to get back to her in a week or so, after the background checks were done.

So, coffee time at Wired, with her laptop open surfing for more possibilities. And avoiding her history of incarceration paper. She sent out a text: Bored and caffeinated and jobless. How are you guys doing?

[open for phone calls, texts, or IM chat]

"Enh." Dinah paused. "Yeah. On the heat of the moment. And moving on. But." She paused, trying to explain more to herself, rather than Priestly. "I wasn't, you know. Under the influence of anything. And you weren't either. So, I know that's our usual plan, but..."

"Dinah, you were a wreck. You'd just gotten back onto safe ground and you were having nightmares. You can't say you weren't be influenced by anything."

"Okay, valid. If I hadn't been so upset about the verdict at the trial, and then spontaneously feeling safe, it wouldn't have happened." She bit her lip. "But I don't think it would've happened if I'd been venting all over, say, Jaime. Or Jono."

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"Hopefully not Jaime. Momoko would've been pissed."

Yes, Priestly, by all means, joke about this.

It was sort of funny? A little?

"Well, I bibbled all over him about this at the Halloween party two weeks ago, and we didn't end up making out on the stairs, so. I think he's pretty safe now."

"Well, you were a bit removed from the moment, by then." Because clearly this was all a reaction to the whole war and danger thing, right? It was a comfort thing.

"Not the point." Which, what was the point? Oh... right. "Which was, uh." Dinah blew out a breath. "I didn't want you to think I was just trying to use you. I mean, I was messed up, but I wasn't that messed up."

"I didn't think you were trying to do anything." That required more intention and forethought than he'd thought the moment had.

"Yeah, I was just kinda... mega-glomping with smoochies, wasn't I." Dinah rubbed her forehead. "Good, 'cause. I wouldn't do that to you. Glad you know it." Saying I love you right now wasn't the easy thing it used to be. "I guess. What I'm trying to say. Is." Breath. "I kinda had. Have, sometimes. A crush on you."

There. Right. She could hang up and run away from her phone now, right?

Priestly opened and closed his mouth a few times. He looked at Stevesie, who was trying to eat his bootlace. Stevesie . . . had no advice. He opened and closed his mouth a time or two again.


"Okay?" Dinah had been anticipating denials or objections on Priestly's part, so this was better. Although it left her at loose ends. What would she want to know, in his shoes? Why had she told him, again? "So, yeah. Um. Which, you know. Not the same as wanting to date you, just... wanted to explain that. A bit."

Priestly had absolutely no idea what to say to that. "Good to know." He really had to say something with substance at some point.

Stevesie still wasn't helping.

"You know someone, somewhere, just won a pool on us or something, right?"

Dinah giggle-snorted into her chai, and said, "Yeah. Probably Momo. Or Jaime, since he had inside info." She grinned, then hesitantly asked, "Should I not have said anything?" Was repression better? Maybe it was better. There was chocolate and chai, and repression. Those were manageable things, right?

"Hey, I am always a fan of communication," Priestly said. "Just. . . ." He bit his lip. "You know I'm not there, right? I mean, I'm not going to say never, and I absolutely love you, but." But he didn't kiss back. "It's not where I'm at."

"I know." And it stung, it did, but it was a relief, too. A huge one. "That's... kinda why I wanted to tell you this. To hear you say that. So I wasn't, you know. Imagining things." A surge of affection made her smile. "Sometimes, this is gonna sound so weird but. It's maybe, just enough, sometimes? To know I can feel something. Does that make sense?"

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