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ibook, examination
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Wired, New Gotham, Monday
No classes on Monday meant Dinah could follow up and apply for internships. Some in person, some online, a couple over the phone. Two of them looked promising but were going to have to get back to her in a week or so, after the background checks were done.

So, coffee time at Wired, with her laptop open surfing for more possibilities. And avoiding her history of incarceration paper. She sent out a text: Bored and caffeinated and jobless. How are you guys doing?

[open for phone calls, texts, or IM chat]

Alas. Dinah could see Momoko's point. But then again, she knew how fast some people got out of jail, so. Go find happier inmate stories. About learning to be a firefighter.

Quiz in the morning. Gotta read three more chapters. You totallly need help with some life or death emegency, right?

I wish. There was a reason I sent out the bored-entertain-me distress call, remember?

clever way to trick Priestly???

Okay that pause there was too long.

There are so many ways to address that, I don't even know where to start.

Momoko stared at that for a moment.

Huh? ARE YOU REALLY On paTROL AND NOT TELLING ME??? That is for Priestly! You always gotto tell me if u R!

I'm not! And now that she had some idea what Momoko meant, she was able to type: I'm at Wired, drinking chai and lattes and getting more wired.

Oh. Good.


Momoko reached for another cookie, relaxed again.

Why so much coffee? What's wrong? School?

Dun wanna write my history paper! That was a big part. And... Waiting on background checks for two internships. Nail-biting.

The thing with Priestly, well... that was something better explained in person, in this case.

Yes. Because then Dinah could prevent Momo from going after him... or calling and asking why he was in denial.

Ooooooooooh! internships!!! Any good companies? Do I know them? Why so worried?

Mostly just 'cause I won't hear back 'til next week. And there was that thing with me punching a reporter. Even if it was nearly five years ago, they may think it shows a lack of control. Dinah pouted at her screen. Nah, don't think you'd know them. One's mostly financial. Good experience. One's more general, but big in New Gotham.

Momoko sagged.

You were a kid. Totally doesn't count. And he totally deserved it.


When did you punch a reporter???

Look, at least their stunt with Karla at the art museum wasn't on their record! Or, at least it hadn't been on Momoko's.

Before I got to Fandom. He was lurking outside No Man's Land and surprised me & Gabby coming out, started asking me stuff about Helena and standing in between me and the cab. Jerk.

I like how you think he deserved it before I even tell you this, though.

Because I trust you! Duh, partner.

Tell them he was harassing you and gabby and stalking Ms Helena. That shouldn't be on your record anyway!

Hmmm. She thought for a moment, then finally gave in. I can write a letter off reference? As former Police officer? You helped me with case of Nothing! And didn't punch Mojo Jojo!

Dinah perked up a little. That's true. And the charges got dropped, although it probably helped that I left the state for Fandom for a while.

Yay character references!! You rock!

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