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ibook, examination
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Wired, New Gotham, Monday
No classes on Monday meant Dinah could follow up and apply for internships. Some in person, some online, a couple over the phone. Two of them looked promising but were going to have to get back to her in a week or so, after the background checks were done.

So, coffee time at Wired, with her laptop open surfing for more possibilities. And avoiding her history of incarceration paper. She sent out a text: Bored and caffeinated and jobless. How are you guys doing?

[open for phone calls, texts, or IM chat]

"Oorrrr maybe get better security on it?" Priestly suggested. "I mean, if they know what they've got going on isn't actually keeping the dangerously insane in. . . ."

"Part of it is that nobody wants to work there, I think. So they don't exactly get the top-rated shrinks or guards." Dinah paused, and added, "And I have to include myself on that list. That's not on my possible internship list, you know?"

"Good." There was maybe a touch too much emphasis on that, there, Priestly. "I mean, if you wanted it, I'd totally support you, but that sounds like asking for waaaaaaaaaay too much trouble."

"Awww. Heh. Too much chance I might get recognized. Either as Dinah Lance, or you know. Other me." Not the kind of thing she wanted to say in public. "That would end badly, I kinda think... Momoko talked me through applying to the firms here. One's mostly financial, but it's big. Lots of experience. The other one's medium-sized. Really well-established, though. Not really *excited* about either, but. It's just an internship." Right?

"Hey, you're just putting in ground work, seeing what you really like to do. You'll find the exciting stuff, later, and this stuff will help you know that you're ready for that stuff."

"Lots of stuff...True. True. I mean, it probably won't start until after New Year's, anyway." Enough time to keep looking, or get used to the idea. And get her grades up. "What are you doing for Thanksgiving?"

"Mom got so excited when we went to Santa Cruz a few weeks ago, she managed to guilt me into promising to come home for both holidays this year. So stuffy rich people dinner with the folks, then a weekend of tofurkey leftovers with the people I actually like hanging out with at home. You?"

Dinah laughed at that image, then said a little wistfully, "Family dinner, which is going to include Helena's adoptive and foster brothers, so, you know. Could end in bloodshed. Could end in food fights. Fun either way, with Alfred cooking." Karla and Momoko probably couldn't come this year, they had so much going on. Still, she'd invite them. "What's your mom think of you being back in school?"

"Your definition of fun can be very strange," Priestly noted. "And are you kidding? Her baby is going back to school and has a respectable hair cut. She's over the moon."

"Awwwww. I don't know whether to say that's awesome or to kidnap you and dye your hair purple now," Dinah teased lightly. "Maybe just talk you into getting another tattoo."

"Might even work, if I'm not in Fandom," Priestly said. "Maybe I should get a face tattoo."

Noooo. Too much photoshopping!

"What would you get it of?" Dinah asked, then seemingly idly, "Are we ever gonna talk about the thing? From before Santa Cruz?"

Priestly tried not to sigh audibly. "Uh, that depends. Can I pretend I don't know what you're talking about?"

"Heh." Dinah fiddled with the lid on her drink, and said, "That awkward and non-awesome, hunh."

"It was very . . ." He had no idea. "Heat of the moment. I kind of figured we'd do the repress and move on thing."

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