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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Gotham Job Fair!!, Gotham U. Conference Center, New Gotham, Saturday afternoon
The woman smiled honestly at Dinah from behind a cardboard desk in the cardboard cubicle that hadn't been in the lobby the night before (when the security alarm had gone off and a quick surveillance had proven it to be simply a family of cats that had moved in, so Dinah had gone back to bed and let the late-to-arrive campus police handle the situation). "And have you ever created a resume before?"

"Ummmmmmmm... no." Dinah had been hoping that saying "um" for long enough would give her a way to tell the truth and have it be something else, but, really. All her jobs had involved walking in and saying something like "I can answer phones."

"It's very easy!"

That was probably a good thing, since Dinah had no idea where to start.

[ooc: open for phones/texts, and the first paragraph written by the enthusiastic heromaniac.]

Cardboard"Let's start with the easiest part of all." The woman smiled gently and tapped a moment at the computer keyboard. "Your contact information. Your name, address, email, and phone numbers. Are you living on campus or with your family?"

"No, off-campus with a roommate right now." Dinah relaxed a little, writing down her address and email for the coordinator. "My family lives in town though, I guess I could put them down as second contact points?" She frowned a little at the list she'd been given. "Um. References... should I bother if they're not people in my field? I mean. I worked at a flower shop for a year. And a tattoo shop as a receptionist..."

Cardboard"All references are important; the flower shop can comment on your personality, productivity and organization skills, for example."

"Do you have a particular job you are applying for? How about we do two versions. One that's a general resume that you can spread around as you need, the other we can use the same information, but be very specific and gear the experience and references towards that direction."

"Okay," Dinah said, biting her lip. "That sounds good."

Barbara had offered to do this for her, work out an algorithym that would give her the perfect template for a resume. And Uncle Jim had even tried to coax her into applying for some of the Gotham Investigative Department intern positions. But she was doing this on her own. Sort of. But without family help, so that counted!

"Um... my grades are pretty good. 3.25 up until this last year. I've had a lot of stuff going on. How important is that?"

Cardboard"It's important in the general resume, because we want to show that you are taking your education seriously and are competent, intelliigent. As for the specific one... Well, that depends on the job you're applying for?"

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"I don't know yet," Dinah admitted. "I mean, I know I need more specific experience, so I was going to look around at the booths, and try to find one that was would work."

Cardboard"The woman nodded. "That's fine. Why don't you go ahead and look around while I write up your resume. The general one. I can take the information you gave me as a start. Just leave me a list of your previous employers and the dates you worked for them and I can have something written for you in about twenty minutes?"

She slid a notebook across the desk. "What's your favourite thing to do in your spare time? The thing that makes you happiest?"

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It was a nice day out, so Momoko had been out walking the campus, looking for a job. She'd gotten a few propositions, but not of the employment kind.

Tired, she found a small cafe on the far side of campus and sat at one of the outdoor tables. After ordering her lunch, she pulled out her phone and dialed her BFF.

Dinah checked her phone, and smiled a little ruefully at the display.

"Hey. Tell me Texas is treating you well."

"Some short guy in a totally old car offered to, but I turned him down." Momoko chuckled, leaning back in her chair and looking towards the door of the cafe. "Judging by what he called me, I think I'm going to have to look at my wardrobe a little closer or something."

"What are you doing? Anything fun?"

"Ewwww," Dinah muttered, wrinkling her nose. "Sorry? Gah. I doubt it's the wardrobe, for what it's worth... I'm at the job fair. Employment fair. Thingy."

So mature.

"EH? You're working at a FAIR? And you didn't invite me? Worst BFF ever, Dinah!"

"Nooo, no. There are no rides at this fair," Dinah told Momo. "It's more like a conference? With workshops. On resumes. And references. And how to dress professionally... I need to buy an interview suit." She grimaced. "At least there's free candy?" Trick or Treat!

"OOOOH! You totally should have invited me! I can't seem to find a job. Maybe they could help me." Momoko pouted. "What kind of job are you looking for?"

"I don't knooooow." Dinah's tone was just shy of a wail. "I mean. An internship. I need one, I'm sure I do, just to get hands-on on-the-resume investigating experience. But I have no idea what would be best! There's like a zillion booths here, they all sound good and they all sound okay but..."

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