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wind in hair
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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The beach, Santa Cruz, Sunday
Surfing in October required a wet suit. But otherwise, it was just as awesome as any day of the summer. Dinah had gotten up at dawn to join Trucker for this, and they'd already surfed most of the high tide out.

Time for a break. And maybe some chattiness. "I think I could use this back in New Gotham. I get why you love it."

[for Santa Cruz peoples!]

"I'm pretty partial to the Pacific," Trucker said. "But you've got the Atlantic over there in Jersey, don't you?"

"Yeah, it's just-- over- developed?" Dinah made a face, thinking of New Gotham docks. "And a lot of rocks around New Gotham itself. Although, I could figure out what's within driving distance..." She sighed. "My usual relaxing could get me arrested if I climbed the wrong building."

"Well, I'm not one to encourage felonious behavior," Trucker said. "But it's probably worth it to get arrested at least once in your life."

Yep, this was Priestly's role model.

Dinah snickered. "Have you ever been arrested?... I almost got arrested once. Disorderly conduct. With Karla and Momoko." That was still a funny memory, even if it made her wistful now. "We had a good lawyer, though."

"Those are more useful than people tend to think."

"That's not a 'no, Dinah, I was never arrested,'" she pointed out, looking hopeful.

"Of course it isn't. Why would I tell you that?"

"So what happened? You can tell me, I won't judge! Swear." Dinah looked thoughtful. "Was it fighting? Like with Todd?"

"Entirely the opposite, actually."

"The opposite?" Dinah put her chin on her hands. "A sit-in?"

"A few of them." Trucker smiled. "Peace is not really a legal business, you know."

"Yeaaaah. Heh. That's awesome." Dinah had to beam at him, then paused, staring at the ocean, thinking. "Trucker, if someone was going to... do a political thing you disagreed with, you'd fight it, right? Even if they were a friend? A really good friend?"

"Well, I suppose it'd depend on the thing," Trucker said.

Dinah opened her mouth, then shut it, then said, "Wow, that's complicated. And long." She frowned. "I told a friend I was willing to break someone out of jail, and nearly got booted out of the country when they were not okay with that. Essentially."

"Did this same friend put the someone in jail in the first place?" It stood to reason, if they had the authority to boot Dinah out of a country.

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