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Pool cue
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Beach City Grill, Santa Cruz, Friday
There'd been a lot of just-hanging-out this week; hanging out with Jen at her place, hanging out on the beach, hanging out at the Beach City Grill... which was where Dinah and Priestly were today, with Priestly probably about five seconds from jumping behind the counter to make something, and Mr. Julius and Lucille debating the merits of beach-combing.

"Just a bunch of garbage washing up..." Mr. J rumbled.

"I found sea-glass. And a K-bar," Lucille responded.

[for the Santa Cruz contingent, but open for phone calls too.]

"I heard there was a guy who found a whole car out there, once," Priestly offered. ". . . Or possibly that was on a tv show."

Dinah snickered into her drink, stirring it with her straw. "At least it's not toxic waste here. Or escaped convicts?"

"You get a lot of toxic waste where you're from, honey?" Lucille sounded genuinely concerned.

"Her home town gets a little rough," Priestly explained. "Hence the beach vacation."

"Yup. And only sometimes," Dinah told Lucille. "It's New Jersey, there's only so much you can do." Which was something she'd been repeating to herself a lot this week. "Trucker, what's the weirdest thing you've found in the ocean?"

"This ocean or any ocean?" Tucker asked.

"Dude, how many oceans have you seen?" Priestly asked.

Trucker shrugged. "A few."

"Errrrm, any ocean," Dinah picked, kicking her heels against her stool. "A car? A shipwreck?" She cocked her head. "I think I'd like to see a shipwreck."

"A shipwreck would be awesome," Priestly said. "So long as you're not the one on the ship."

"That's very deep," Jen said, glancing up briefly from the computer.

"Thanks, hon," Priestly grinned at her. "Tell Fuzzy I said hi."

"I don't know about weirdest," Trucker said at length, "but the best are statues. There's a lot of stonework under the ocean, especially in the Caribbean."

Dinah blinked. "Really?" And wondering if that were a thing in her world, too. "What, did they fall off ships, or..?"

"Nah," Priestly said. "I've heard about these. Isn't it a memorial for the victims of slave ships or something?"

"That's one of them," Trucker said. "Off the coast of Mexico there's some old pre-Colombian ruins, too. The water's so clear out there, so underwater sculpture's really taken off."

"Wow. That's so cool." Dinah was trying to picture it, and thinking how fun it would be to scuba-dive to see all that. "When did you get to see that?"

"I've been out that way a few times," Trucker said. "Most recently, Zo and I went for a honeymoon."

"Awwwwww." Dinah beamed at him, sharing a grin with Jen and Piper. "I'm glad you guys got to do that." She perched her chin on her hands, thinking. Maybe she should take off, go somewhere...?

"Whaaatcha thinkin' 'bout?" Priestly asked. He reached over the counter to grab for an apple and got thwapped by Piper for his trouble. "What?"

"No cooking. That's my job, now."

"Fruit! No heat required!"

Dinah snickered at him and Piper, gaze drifting to Piper after a second. She almost said 'nothing', then blurted, "Not going home. Or anywhere else. Maybe becoming a pirate."

"Life of crime?" Tucker said, then shook his head. "Wouldn't suit you."

"You should totally get a tricornered hat," Priestly said. "And sailing isn't out of the question."

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